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US History 101

City Hall, Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia was the place the United States of America was born.


"City Hall is the largest municipal building in the U.S, it was constructed over a period of 30 years from 1871-1901 in the French Second Empire style. One of the main reasons it took so long beside being so large was the extensive sculptural decorations on the exterior and interior of the building, created by Alexander Calder I, grandfather of the mobile guy Alexander Calder III. In fact the largest French style building in the country and the most ornamented.

Each one of the four street facing facades represent different continents of the world symbolizing ethnic groups and allegorical figures in history and in mythology.

North side: Philadelphia government and history; Europe
West side: Rehabilitation of lawbreakers; the Americas
South side: Justice; Africa
East side: Philadelphia history and attributes; Asia"
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