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EDIT: This is what she does in the dark... her legs have a ghostly glow. Her eyes glow too, but yeah just trying to show the legs: [link]

Yeah yeah... it's a my little pony.... because the new show is amazing. The creator is the wife of the guy who made the powerpuff girls.

I got this template from: [link]

It allows you to make a body and then you make the hair and tail and all the details. It was a lot of fun to play with!

She had short hair because so far none of the ponies really do.

So Willow Wisp... it's a pun... get it... Will-o Wisp is a ghost thing... so yeah... I know there is no tree on her Cutie Mark but... just go with it.

She lives in a creepy house on the edge of Ponyville that is rumored to be haunted. She had a pet bat, Morty, who eats lemons... and her magic ability is centered around making things creepy.

Wanna watch MLP Friendship is Magic? It's on youtube.

So yeah... I'm a dork... XD


Name: Willow Wisp
Gender: Female
Age: Mare (adult)
Species: Unicorn
Pelt Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color & Style:Short mane and tail, both light blue with slightly darker blue streaks.
Eye Color: Red
Cutie Mark: A Ghost
Physique: Average build, a little thin
Residence: A "Haunted" House on the edge of Ponyville Her Home
Occupation:Nothing official, but it's weird, creepy and down right odd, she probably knows about it. She does odd jobs if she needs some spending bits. Makes her somewhat of an unofficial paranormal investigator.
Motivation:Willow Wisp wants to study the strange and occult as well as teach others about such. She believes that most fear things like ghosts, monsters and the creepy in general, because they just don't understand.
Likes:Night time, ghost stories, stars, winter time, bats, strange creatures, shadows and sleeping during the day
Dislikes:Hot weather, overly cutesy things, really bright light and being woken up
Character Summary: Wisp is actually rather friendly and down to earth. She has a calmness about her that in some cases can almost be scary. It's hard to make her panic or worry, or at least make her show such. She tends to be rather blunt and doesn't like to beat around the bush when talking facts. However she is the helpful sort, and if she's awake, she's willing to do what she can. She does have a nasty temper if pushed, and her eyes even glow creepily when enraged. Things have also been known to start floating in mid-air when she's mad, due to her magic. All part of her ghost-like persona. Most of the time though, she's just the shadow passing by, giving off an eerie vibe.

A little history:

Ever since she was little, Willow Wisp has had her creepy feel. From the day she was born her strange ability to glow when in dark places was apparent. However her parents didn't seem to mind. They loved their daughter and just had a feeling it would be part of her special talent. That glow was part of the reason she got her name. It reminded her father of “spirit fire” or Will-o-Wisps. So making a quick pun, the Unicorn was named with something fitting for her bizarre glow.

Her interest in the occult started young as well. Her father was a scholar of mythology and lore. She loved having him read her stories about the strange creatures that often appeared in myths, as well as looking at the pictures of them. Her mother on the other hand studied plant life and her green house had a full assortment. Even plants that seemed odd or almost out of this world. She loved watching the strange flowers, like fly traps, open and close as if they were alive like some animal.

In school Willow Wisp would have been labeled as a nerd (Weirdo Wisp) . She wore big round glasses, had a unruly mane her mother pulled back into low pig tales and was always reading. Making friends was a bit difficult because the others her age just felt she was weird. That creepy vibe just always seemed to emanate from her. So when she met Morty, her pet fruit bat, Wisp felt a new since of renewal. She finally had a friend and he followed her everywhere. Though that often meant sneaking him into school in her bag since the teacher didn't like having the animal frightening the other students. It didn't matter how many times Wisp told them Morty only ate lemons, either.

It was one day when a couple bullies were picking on some other kids that Wisp started her journey to her Cutie Mark. She was tired of hearing the two boys claim that girls were all scaredy cats. So walking up she claimed that she and other girls were just as brave if not braver than two boys that had to pick on others to feel tough. They challenged her, and she accepted. One night, staying in this old house that was rumored to be haunted by some evil spirit. Wisp only smiled to herself as she went to the house before they were to meet there that night; she didn't tell the boys she'd been in it many times before.

This is where her Unicorn magic was finally going to come in handy. She'd slowly been learning what she could do, but was a bit stumped with it. It seemed her magic allowed her to make things creepy, such as changing outer appearance to something dark and foreboding. Or making spiderwebs appear. Even just making things float, much like any Unicorn could, but with an eerie glow around them. She'd been beginning to think her talents would make her out to be some sort of strange interior decorator.

This challenge though was perfect. She set up all sort of tricks and then went out to wait for the boys. When they arrived she just smiled and wished them luck. Since she'd been in the house many times she knew what was there and what wasn't. So if anything “odd” showed up, she'd know it was just the two boys trying to scare her. And they tried, but never managed. However all her tricks, had them on edge. So then when they were about done with being there, she slowly walked their way, her glow all lit up. Seeing her glowing eyes and over all hue they took off and never looked back.

The next morning when she came out to show her victory the boys claimed she must have been some sort of monster, but it didn't bother her at all. The bullies never bothered anyone else again. And as she stood there getting some praise from other students, one of them pointed out that she now sported a Cutie Mark. The ghost mark has been with her since.

As she got older Willow Wisp put her heart and soul into studying the occult. She eventually moved from the small town she grew up in to Ponyville. She found herself an old house that no one had lived in for many many years. It was even rumored to be haunted, just like the house she earned her Cutie Mark in. So she bought it and set up shop. It would be a perfect place to work on her guidebook since it was central location. Not only that she could maybe run her own Paranormal Investigation firm someday. Perhaps taking cases others presented her with would give her even more to put in her book.

She still has her creepy feel and habits that tend to make it hard for her to get out and meet others. After all the best time to try and observe the creepy, spooky and down right weird, is often at night. So she's known for sleeping during the day. Which means she'd not usually seen in town until late in the afternoon unless she needs to be up sooner to do something. More often than not though, she is just a shadow passing by the old and cracked windows of her “haunted house”.

Extra: She had a pet fruit bat named Morty. Morty is a Gray Headed Flying Fox bat. Wisp doesn't really know where he came from. Just one stormy night he flew through her window before she got it shut and has been with her since. He loves lemons, and is picky about that. So if he doesn't get them, he's known to wake her up and make a fuss until she gets him one.

She also has a younger cousin that Grim Tales. His parents want him to live with her to make new friends. Even if Wisp has only recently moved to Ponyville.

Willow Wisp also has a "ghostly" glow when she's in the dark. Her eyes will glow, much like when she is mad and her legs take on a pale blue, that almost make her appear to float, Like This She has no control over her glowing. It just happens when she's in the dark or out at night. She has attempted looking up how to perhaps “turn it off” but to no avail.

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