Royal Family of Midgard Picture

Here is the Blequae family, Royalty of the country Midgard. Midgard is a fairly liberal country, though still under rule of the monarchy. The blood line isn't as strict as in Valhöll (where both sides, mother&father must have royal blood).

This would probably take place on Roxy's birthday.. and would never be a public portrait (because of her description below.)

So! From right to left, we have:

Malaea :: 43-years-old; Queen. Married into the monarchy, Malaea is a strict yet warmhearted woman who is extremely fond of her child--Zuko; however, she is very much like an "evil-step-mother" to young Roxy, who to her is living proof of her husband's infidelity.

Zuko :: 17-years-old; Crown Prince. The young prince lives a care-free lifestyle, paying little mind to the politics that surround his position. He is a HUGE flirt and ladies man, and uses his charm on girls to get what he wants (though he's not at all manipulative; what he wants is usually the girls themselves).

Asriel :: 48-years-old; King. Leading a very free and liberal rule, Asriel believes that the monarchy should do whatever it can to help the citizens of his country. His son is very much like him, in that he's a bit of a flirt and enjoys the company of women. Twelve years ago, he began an affair with a Wolf-Anima who was working in the castle. The affair would result in a child.

Roxanne Juliette :: 10-years-old (with the picture taking place on her birthday). The illegitimate child of the king and an Anima maid, Roxy is a secret kept from the kingdom. She lives in special quarters with few servants to wait upon her. She is restless and wants to be able to travel, to go out in public, but this is rarely permitted.


Midgard is another place from Norse mythology, the land of men.
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