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Entry for THANDOR – A monster, which have “hatched” on Iceland. His appearing was preceded by a thick fog, which covered almost whole Earth. Till now, there are nine forms of this creature: that Fog, luminous substance, shark, turtle, snake, scorpion, flying creature, a monster similar to Godzilla and a Final Form of this being. He is adopting DNA of monsters, which he have killed or “just” hit. – Its his peculiarity. He have also some constant attributes: sharp tentacles, pointed frontlet, spikes, parts of body from which he can fire deadly beam. Thandor is very cutthroat , seeing that he can change each form in a few seconds – at that moment there is a observable, white fog.

10 X 2008 r. Warsaw
A part of journal which was found in an abandoned headquarters of East European`s G-Force.

4:42 – This day will certainly be remembered by our sons. Probably everything begun on Iceland – it was the first place where we have pointed out The Fog. It wasn`t normal fog – this one was turbid, snow-white and it was causing damages of all electronic things. Reasons of its appealing are still unknown. It is only known that The Fog encircled almost whole globe.
6:30 – British G-Force team reached to the zone called “epicenter” – the mysterious place where everything started. Thing discovered in that area astonished surely everyone... Enormous, light cube certainly isn`t an ordinary thing. The biggest minds of the world are mobilizing they knowledge and powers to find any data about it. There are chances that they will know what is it and is there connection between cube and the fog.
9:00 – It`s like a nightmare. I still can`t believe in this. There was a big explosion at “epicenter” site… Probably everyone is dead… We are sending a rescue team.
11:00 – Discovering cube was a huge surprise, but the revelation of rescue teams, which reached to a fresh, explosion place is hard to call a surprise… Entire area was covered by strange, sticky substance in white shade. We have not found anything else: no ashes, no bodies – only that damned substance.

11:17 – The Fog is slowly starting to disappear – probably, thanks to that substance. Researches still Mgła zaczyna powoli znikać – najprawdopodobniej dzięki owej substancji. The matter is still under investigation.

Bio: Basic form of Thandor. This shape gave him an opportunity to range several monsters and helped him adapt to Earth conditions. His genesis isn’t certain. There are two hypothesis. According to the first one, he is just another alien. Different opinions suggest that it has a pertinent with mythology of Ancient Greece – evidencing that cube in which he occurred, could be a mythic Pandora’s box.
Powers: reduction of seeing, disturbance of electronic things, ranging monsters, adapting his “embryo” to Earth’s atmosphere.

11:50 – When The Fog melt away, the substance started changching. It seems that, it is a living creature. An idea, cleaming that it is a new avatar of Hedora was rejected. It is a Blob too.
12:00 – Luminous monstrum took on humanoid shapes. It was given a name : Thandor - whatever it means.
12:30 – Attack of NATO forces have not bring any results. Thandor could not been hindered. He reach to the seashore, where he fight a quick battle with Jigra. The monster had no chance – Thandor passed into another form and entwined around him.
12:40 – Thandor is trans forming again! It seems that he intercepted some features of Jigra. Data points out that he is heading to USA. Furthermore, we are hearing from different bases of G-Force that activity of terrestrial kaiju is growing up. Probably it has a connection with Thandor’s appearing.

Lenght: 110 meters
Mass: 50,000 tons
Swimming Speed: 7 machs
Powers: Can fire light beam from three points on his body, spikes on some part of his body, spear like tendrils, high intelligence.
Weakness: Can`t walk on ground.
DNA: Jigra
Bio: First, bodily form of Thandor. Owing to Jigra’s DNA he have changed into a giant shark.


13:09 – Marine Task Forces of NATO are broken. Thandor is heading to New York. Kamoebas and Kammega were also detected in that area. Evacuation of the city began.
15:27 – From that unsavory event are turning two hours. Mijają 2 godziny od tamtego przykrego zdarzenia. Kammega fell dead, Kamoebas run away, but he is seriously wounded. New York is damaged in a small degree. What’s worse, it is certain now that Thandor can intercept attributes and shapes of his opponents. Actually, he transformed into a turtle and he is heading southeast. To Las Vegas.

Height: 80 meters
Mass: 400 tons
Powers: Two, big tendrils with beam-throwers, spikes on shell, sharp claw under head, mouth inlined with teeth
Weakness: Extremely slow
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga
Bio: Second, well-known stage of Thandor. Thanks to it, he was able to walk on the ground, but his huge weight caused that his moves were very slow and indolent. His mighty and almost imperishable crust, was his extra ruff.

18:42 – Another victim Thandor’s – Guiron.
20:00 – Las Vegas occurred as an strife’s area of four monsters…four reptiles… Thandor defeated Reptillian and King Cobra, wounded Manda returned to the sea; he overmastered his enemies independently. As we predicted, killing Reptilian gave him an opportunity to pass into nimbler and faster form of snake. Thandor again get into the water and quickly changed into shark – it seems that he can easily modify his shape.

Length: 200 meters
Mass: 80,000 tons
Powers: Poisonous fangs, mouth inlined with teeth, mace like tail with numerous spikes, can fire beam from chest, can constrict his opponents.
Weakness: Too big length, fragile armor
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga, Guiron, Reptilian, King Cobra, Manda
Bio: Snake’s form completed shortnesses of Turtor – thanks to it, He was able to budge Fast on the ground. Furthermore he gained a new weapon – poisonous teeth.


23:00 – Thandor reached do China across the Pacific. He fight with Nightmare and easily defeated him. He also achieved DNA of Kamacuras, Kumonga and Ebirah – they have hardly run away with their lives. Thandor transformed again! It’s his fourth metamorphosis. Into monstrous scorpion! When will it end? So much sufferers, so much damages… It’s a total chaos.

Length (with tail): 130 meters
Mass: 100 tons
Powers: poisonous sting, two big claws with beam-thrower, two lines of sharp teeth, lot of spikes on body
Weakness: Can`t fight with flying objects.
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga, Guiron, Reptilian, King Cobra, Manda, Nightmare, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah
Bio: the most dangerous form from previous. Full of deadly weapons. Relatively rapid and heavy armored.

23:40 – Another battalion and we have gave up. It seemed that Rodan, Gyaos, Dieyti and Dagarah could defeat Thandor. Thandor’s beams could not reach flying creatures… but Degarah bring toclose to Thandor and he hace been hired by Thandor’s tale-spikes. In future, Thandor was able to fly; Rodan and rest of the monsters weren’t posing a threat to him anymore.

Legth: 100 meters
Mass: 40,000 tons
Wingspan: 120 meters
Flying speed: 5 machs
Power: Can fire beam from chest, numerous spikes on body, can fire spikes from wings, many tails
Weakness: He have some problems to turn away, when he turns round.
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga, Guiron, Reptilian, King Cobra, Manda, Nightmare, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah, Dieyti, Dagarah, Rodan, Gyaos
Bio: Enormous big wings were another step to change into “ultimate being”. From this time he could get to wherever place what he want. He could as well attack obcjects on the ground as in the air.


02:20 – Thandor reached to Japan, where he achieved DNA of Gomora. Next transformation began. doleciał do Japonii gdzie zdobył DNA Gomory. Nastą

Height: 100 meters
Mass: 85,000 tons
Powers: Can fire beam from chest, can fire light ray from mouth, spikes on arms, big blade on right arm, can fire spikes from left arm, can constrict opponents by his sharp tail
Weakness: Unknown
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga, Guiron, Reptilian, King Cobra, Manda, Nightmare, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah, Dieyti, Dagarah, Rodan, Gyaos, Gomora
Bio: Fight with Gomora gave him more humanoid-like posture. In this form he were ready to fight with Godzilla for gain his DNA and powers. He were excellent combination of agility and strength.


4:40 – Tokyo… Rather its ashes… A tremendous battle is lasting since an hour. raczej to co z niego zostało… Od ponad godziny toczy się tam potężna walka. Monsters - once opponents, now on the same site are trying to overpower Thandor. It seems that he was dadly wounded. He is dying…but… what is this? Again we are seeing a white glimmer! Something strange is happening there…
Oh my God…
He is alive…
And he is much more powerful. He is al most equal t Legion… but wait…I think, that I see tere also his all, previous forms…

Height: 130 meters
Mass: 300,000 tons
Powers: Can summon his previous forms as a new monsters, can fire beam from chest and arms, can fire ray from mouth, can fire spikes from right arm, sharp poisonous spikes on right arm, big saw-blade on left hand, numerous spikes on whole body, can constrict opponents by his sharp tail, big claw on tail, six spear like tendrils
Weakness: None?
DNA: Jigra, Kamoebas, Kamegga, Guiron, Reptilian, King Cobra, Manda, Nightmare, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah, Dieyti, Dagarah, Rodan, Gyaos, Gomora, Godzilla, Legion, Destroyah, Irys, Bagan, Biollante
Bio: The last and the mightiest form of Thandor – activated in critical moment, when he were close to death. His might is even more powerful, when he summon his previous forms as a new substantive, go by one’s intellect beings (but then they are easier to be defeated). In this stage he had all advantages of his former incarnations. He is very mobile, powerful, intelligent and aggressive.


5:03 – Soon, 24-hours will pass by…from the moment when The Fog was noticed… At that moment we haven’t known that its bringing a terrific catastrophe. Thousand of victims, damaged cities, many monsters – our previous enemies – were dead. None of forces could stop Thandor, both NATO and those from USA, alike those in Russia, China and Japan.
And now. Completely destroyed Tokyo. Irys versus Serpentrax, Biollante Versus Aquantis, Legion versus Scarga, Destroyah versus Wardeon, Kiryu 3 and Bagan versus Turtor – they all still fighting… Finally Godzilla versus Ultimate Thandor…
How will it end?
Only one person knows it… Matt Frank.


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