World Tree Yggdrasil Picture

Ok so this is like my second time trying to upload this. Anyways, this is my submission for the Whirled contest. I would have liked to do more but with the deadline being today and all I'm just going to submit what I have.

This room's theme is relaxation and the location is in one of the places in my 'imaginary world.' I'm sure some of you have heard of the world tree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology, this is just my version of it turned into a room. The whole mythical thing makes me think of relaxation so I picked that as a theme for this room.

So the sparkles and stars were added into the room to give it a more mystical feel. Since this is a mystical place, it needs a guardian to protect it, hence tree guardian Rahl. Starting from the left, I put in a nice comfortable looking chair with lights for reading or something along those lines. Next to it there are pillows and stuffed animals. They really give off a comfortable vibe and the spider web in the backdrop I made into a hammock of sorts. To the left of that, there is a table with flowers sitting under a tree. This space is used for meals/work and offers a great view on the world below! On the stool in front there is a beach ball because it was a toy that I really liked and you can't have relaxation without fun! Finally the road sign leads to the 'Cloud City Valhalla' (another room)

I really tried to get things that were in a similar style so it would fit together better.
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