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Name: Pamella "Pam"

Parents: [Spoilers Are Not Welcome Here]

Siblings: Michael "Mike"

Common saying(s): "You're a terrible liar."

Basic description: Pam's a very difficult person to explain. She's defensive, stubborn, uncomfortable, hates attention, and yet has a very different and sometimes strange outlook on life. She walks to her own beat and lets no one stand in her way, especially not anyone who has nerve enough to really think they even could stand in her way in the first place.

Pam has a big problem with anyone egotistical or excessively loud and in-your-face, even though when angered enough she can be exactly like that. Under normal circumstances, though, she has a very quiet, sweet and friendly personality and likes to keep to herself a lot of the time. Logic and sense is her sanctuary, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't know a thing or two about Greek mythology. It's too bad she has such a horrible temper.

Pam has had a lot of bad luck in her lifetime, so she tends to be very defensive if you say anything she thinks may have been an insult, sometimes clocking you one if you so much as look at her in a way she doesn't like. She'll go head to head with anyone who dares tell her she can't speak her mind or do what she wishes, and can come across as very overconfident in herself when using her logical, detail-oriented intellect to get the best of anyone. But despite this, behind her rebelliousness and confidence is someone who actually has a rather low opinion of herself, but she'll be damned if anyone's ever going to find that out.

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