Ceased Time Picture

Tsk. I'm going to repaint this one (at least).


Comments are greatly appreciated ^^

Ophiopogon and Lilith. My two favourite and oldest own characters. Both somewhat equally sharing some of my best and worst sides. "^^ Nemerre's curiosity and Lilith's very now and then almost over-spontaneous nature are good examples of the most doubtful characterisctiques of mine... They are from my story I've been writing for a long time and very, very precious to me. <3

For me, my most secret and the most peaceful and intriguing "gardens" (all kinds of them) exist in my imagination. Though they at many points reflect the reality where I live, my dreams, people I both care, love and can't stand, my thoughts and the way I think, it's still whole different world for me than the grey and timetabled everydaylife I feel like I've stuck in. My imagination world has always been my own place and I can enter there whenever and wherever I want. It is extremely important to me and I wouldn't change that to anything. ^^

In regard for the contest, I ended up drawing some scenery from the Library and for this time, it's Ophiopogon's room which is one of my most, most favourite places! Somehow it reminds me from my own room and my dreams put all together. I just love books, maps, mythology, and all kind of more or less miscellaneous things all the way from umbrellas, pocketwatches, volumetric flasks and hourglasses (though i don't like measuring time I'm interested in it) to beautifully coloured bottles... and maybe this can be seen from the picture.

This picture is my entry for the 'My Secret Garden' -contest: [link] It sounded so interesting concept!

Done with 0,1 ink pen and aquarelles. It's too bad that I just cannot co-operate with my scanner and it make the picture look so different from the original one... I'm sorry for that ) ': Hope you still like it! I worked hard for it , anyway (~around 10 h) and I'm relieved i'm so content with it. ": D

Lineart: [link] ^^

If someone is curious to know more about Ophiopogon or Lilith, following links may give some sort of help though asking is also okay:



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