Helios Con. Application Picture

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Cael Morales

Age: 19
Birth Date: March 25th
Zodiac: Ares

132 lbs

Brief History:

Cael was born in Fortree to an amateur pokemon breeder and a Ruin Maniac. The only child of the two, and with both often very busy with their own work, she was spoiled and generally left to her own devices. She grew up playing pranks on the townspeople and when Robin arrived she was quickly enlisted. Soon after receiving her first pokemon, Tiamat, she found a love for pokemon training. She decided she wanted to travel abroad and catch more, maybe even fight some gym leaders, and with the help of her parents' money she was on her way.

She received badges from Fortree, Mauville, and Moss deep before growing bored of gym battles. She instead asked her parents to send her abroad, visiting relatives in other regions, and collecting pokemon not found back home. After receiving a letter from her long-time friend Robin, she returned to Fortree to apply for the Helios Conference, hoping for yet another adventure.


Cael is an outgoing and confident trainer. She rarely doubts herself and her intuition, and is very lax and easily befriended. However, she is also irresponsible, often skirting chores and obligations, and can be flighty. She jumps from job to job without ever finishing what she starts, always eager to try new things. Despite all this Cael is a dedicated trainer who is committed to her pokemon and the adventure, but to her, life is more about the journey than the destination.


The people of Fortree strongly encouraged Cael to go catch her first pokemon, hoping that giving her a pokemon will keep her busy and teach her responsibility---they all hoped the pranks would stop. Unfortunately they were wrong. The female Nidoran she caught that day did instill a sense of adventure in her, but only seemed to increase the frequency of her tricks. Once she had evolved into a Nidorina, Cael's father came home bearing gifts, among them a moon stone.
Tiamat is brave, and proud of her own strength and cunning, a loyal and dependable friend.

When Cael was old enough to begin her pokemon adventure she traveled to LittleRoot to visit Professor Birch. From him she received a Mudkip. Her main motivation in visiting Prof. Birch was to receive a pokedex, but she soon fell in love with her new friend Poseidon.
Poseidon is lax and capable of taking hits. He's an emotional rock who keeps Cael grounded.

On her birthday one year Cael's mother rented out the entirety of the Safari Zone for her so she could have the place to herself. Upon learning that the Safari Zone had Houndour, a pokemon from Johto, she set that as her goal. It took a long time, and she traveled deep into the areas in order to find one, and after hours of searching she finally found Nu-kua. She caught her not in the traditional form, but enticing the houndour with a game of fetch.
Nu-kua is hasty and likes to run. She relates to Cael on the basic level of wanting to get stuff done, but Nu-kua is fiercely loyal and a protective of her trainer.

Cael's mother never has been all that great at breeding. After she had returned home from gathering her badges, her mother greeted her with three eggs she'd traded for with passing breeders, ecstatic and eager to hatch what she thought were Wailmers. Yet again she was wrong and what hatched were not Wailmer, but Bagon. She was still enthused, until she realized that these pokemon got BIG. Cael took one herself, and the rest were sent to her uncle's ranch in Solaceon town, Sinnoh.
Ouranos is serious and strong-willed, often stubborn and hard to deal with. He's a fierce battler, but often acts on what he thinks is best and ignores Cael.

During Cael's travels in Johto she ran into some trouble. Having left Blackthorn city and reached the Ice Paths she knew she should rest for the night and continue in the morning, but she was already freezing and just wanted to get back to civilization. She decided to tough it out and get through. Once inside she quickly got lost and was led astray by a Sneasel that seemed intent on toying with her---until she started to cry. Lost and alone in the dark, feeling quite pathetic, the sneasel took pity on her and led her from the caves, in the end deciding to follow this child for whom she'd begun to feel responsible.
Chione is sassy and vain. She prides herself on her beauty and if her trainer wasn't looking her best that day she would try and save what looks Cael had, and if that failed, she would promptly pretend that there was no way she could be associated with such a slovenly human.

After having gotten word from a Cousin in Fuchsia City, Kanto, that a brand new Safari Zone had opened up and had some cool new pokemon availble to be caught, Cael promptly set off. Her cousin got her in for free and without any time limits and showed her where to catch the rare and elusive pokemon called Kangaskhan. Cael camped out for days to catch Taweret, catching her swiftly and easily the moment she wandered by.
Taweret is modest and finicky, basically: very motherly. She quickly took Cael in as her adoptive child and is fiercely protective of her trainer. Cael often finds her company soothing when she gets homesick.

Fun facts!
-- All Cael's pokemon are named after gods from different mythologies, including Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Sumerian.
-- Her hat concept was inspired by Winona, the gym leader of Fortree.
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