Midnight Gallery (Ib/Persona Crossover) Picture

"You became friends with Garry~! Garry will now DIE FOR YOU."

Okay, remember on in the description on my last Ib fan art, I mentioned a plan for a crossover fan art of Ib and another game? This is the crossover. ...So I've mentioned I've been playing Persona 4, right? And you all know how I love crossovers, right? Well, this happened. I REGRET NOTHING.

Anyway, it's based on the little critical hit things in Persona 4 (and I think 3 also. Not sure about the first two.) I've seen a few other crossovers like this, like with Kingdom Hearts and stuff.... So I decided to do one with the Ib characters. I really hope this hasn't been done before XD I figured it probably wouldn't have...though Ib is fairly popular... But I thought it would be fun to draw and that it would look nice because of the different colors in each of their designs....
I threw in the rose petals in the background because I thought it looked cool~ ^_^ By the way, this is the first time I've formally drawn Mary~ Her hair is a pain to draw. So is Ib's, I still can't decide how I prefer to draw her hair (I draw it differently every time XD) Actually, Garry's hair is a pain to draw, also. >w< I tried to mimic the Persona art style, it didn't work. Oh well, what else is new.

Yeah, I really don't know what I was trying to accomplish with this crossover XD What would an Ib and Persona crossover even be about, anyway? AHAHAHA I'VE TOTALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEFORE. Let's see... Something like... At midnight, the gallery goes all weird/creepy or like has an entrance to another world, with shadows and stuff, and that would be the "Midnight Gallery" (where all the RPG battle stuff happens XD). And.... the shadows would take on the forms of the paintings and other art... Uhhhh... Something something don't stay in the gallery past closing time or else the shadows come out... Something something art metaphors?" (I don't know, I'm still pretty new to the Persona series, so I'm basing it on 4 and what little I know about 3... :/) Ib would be perfect for the whole "silent main character who you choose dialogue options for" thing~ Hey, in this crossover... Would the "Fake Garry" actually be Garry's Shadow??? XD
I actually wonder what Persona each of these three would have. They're all based on mythological things, right? Well then, Mary's should be Pandora, considering all the symbolism is right there in her game, right down to the "Pandora's Box" you find in the last area. As for Ib and Garry, though, I haven't the slightest idea. XD And then as for what element of magic they'd have... My first thought is Ib with fire, Garry with ice, and Mary with wind or lightning... but that's just based on their rose colors~ Mary's weakness would be fire... >w> That's canon~
I was considering giving them glasses like the Persona 4 characters have when they go fighting shadows and stuff.... I ended up deciding against it though, since I was too lazy and I'm not all that great at drawing glasses in the first place. (Plus, it's not like the glasses are a part of the whole series, since the Persona 3 characters don't use them and all. I imagine if the Ib characters need a way to see Shadows or something, then the roses could act as some source of power....) If I had designed glasses for them, I think Garry would have had hipster glasses, Ib would have had red glasses like Homura and Lilian and Mary would have had like... those cat-eye frame glasses. I think that would be fitting for them~

This probably won't be the last Ib/Persona crossover I'll draw... I kind of want to draw an Ib version of the combination attack thing... And then I have a couple other ideas as well~ XD

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