Blood God Picture

As part of the comic making process I put a lot of thought into the background world.
Wait, that's not true. It's the other way around. The comic is the by-product of me thinking up an entire world.

Anyhow I'm kind of fond of this particular segment of my world because it's so royally fucked up. It's Elven mythology. Nordic Elven mythology to be precise. There are huge differences between the southern and northern beliefs which I shouldn't get into because someone's going to lock me in an asylum for it.

The story goes that there were once lots of gods and the heavens and hells (yes, plural) existed in opposition but in harmony, the Void just something unpleasant beyond the edges of the universe. Everything was fine and dandy.
But then this idillic scene was infiltrated by a creature of the void, the Whisperer (basically Satan for the Elves). He disguised himself as a lost spirit so the goddess of life would take pity on him. Life, being the nice, caring lady she is, nurtured the spirit and took him under her protection.
The Whisperer then sent visions to a righteous god who now saw him for who he was, and attempted to kill him. Life however did not believe his reasoning and protected his favored spirit, ultimately killing the righteous god. The problem with this was that killing eachother was against the rules and the other gods demanded explanation.
This ended in a civil war between the gods who believed Life was just protecting a helpless spirit and those who agreed with the righteous god's judgement. The war split the heavens and hells, and the Void seeped into the cracks.
In the confusion, the Whisperer escaped the gods and returned with legions of hungry demons. The weakened gods could not stand against the onslaught and were almost completely wiped out.
Only six gods survived. They managed to seal away the hells from the void. But the Whisperer now reigned over all the heavens (according to the Nordic Elves the world we live in is Hell. They're an optimistic folk like that
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