The Liar Picture

How long has it been since I've drawn something gore related?
It's been awhile...
Anyways....Story Time~
((Please tell me if I get something wrong on this. As much as I love Mythology it doesn't mean I know every story like the back of my hand))

Once upon a time when the gods and goddesses lived among the mortals, free to utilize their powers there was an incident with the God of Mischief, Loptr. Not very fond of the mortals as his kin were he found interest in causing havoc for them instead. He wasn't very fond of the gods at times too, but found fun in making things difficult.
On a particular day he decided to be a malicious and snipped off all of the lovely Sif's hair. Sif's husband, Thor, was enraged, hunting down he proceeded to threaten to kill Loptr. Frightened by Thor's threat, He pleaded for his life. Promising to visit the Breezies in their forest home and have them make Sif a new head of hair. Reluctantly the Thunder God trusted his word, letting him go and fetch this item.
Reaching the Breezie Clan he requested a head of long, lush, and beautiful set of hair. As reluctant as Thor they had made the hair and Lootr gladly tools it in his possession for Sif. But he had time to spare and wasn't satisfied with chopping off Sif's hair, after all he had been caught in the end. He began to bicker and spread rumors around the Breezies. He met a pair of blacksmiths, who at the time were known for their ability to make magical weapons and items. A bet was placed between Loptr and the Breezies after he had insulted their work, if they could make three items that surpassed the last then he promised them his head. The news spread quickly and soon Breezies of every occupation and talent came to help win this bet with a God. In the end Loptr had lost the bet as the entire clan made three magical items that surpassed each other, Rings made of the purest gold and every ninth night eight ring of equal value appeared, a living boar with golden hair that gave off light in the dark, and a magical hammer that would never miss its mark.
Loptr quickly snatched up the items and ran off, giving the stolen gifts as presents to various gods. Sif received her hair, Thor his hammer, Freyr the magical boar, and Odin received the rings. So he was pardoned for his misdeed and left to his own interests.
Eventually the Breezies had caught up to the God of Mischief to claim their prize, Loptr's head which was rightfully theirs according to them. Loptr refused, but the Breezies had insisted they chop off his head, killing him in the process. This would not stand for the King of liars for this, but had plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He told them,"I promised you my head, but not my neck."
The Breezies became furious with this change of rules set up a new plan. You could not take someone's head without their neck. As a result they dragged him back to their forest home and tied him to the central tree with rope made of strong golden strands that no immortal could break. He was tied so tightly to the tree it was almost equal to strangling him.
Days went by and the Breezies would gather in hordes to laugh and mock the fallen God before them. Days passed and they never stopped coming, but they quickly became even more bitter towards him as he laughed along with them. Finally the Breezies talked Ill about the gods and the mortals they watched over.
They discussed moving away from it all, but not with out proper "justice". The clan began to bicker again about the rights or wrongs of the decision. Some felt the the punishment had been served and the let the Liar go. Others believed he deserved nothing less but to have his entrails wrapped around his neck and left to hang as a rotting corpse for his daughter.
The leader had had enough, and made his own choice. He chose a compromise of the two thing the Breezies wanted, torture and the let him live. As a result the Liar's tongue and eyes had been ripped out and kept as a trophy, then his lips were sewn closed with the same material as the rope around his neck. Many were horrified but others cheered and demanded more. They soon left their forest home to the portal realm they live in now. Leaving Loptr still tied to a tree for someone to find later, even if it was years later.
The story was never forgotten by the Breezies but it was told differently depending on the point of view of the storyteller. Some say he hadn't deserved such foul treatment in the end and everyone else said he was a scum, lucky they had been so kind in the end. So many versions exist that eventually it became know as an old ponytale the elders told to children.
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