Lucius Version 2.0 Picture

This is the version of Lucius that I will use for that one comic idea about the religious views and blah blah. Let me describe what its now about.

At first I was going to have him be like the antichrist and then him finding salvation... But after some thinking I thought that the subject I was touching on was really a personal subject and people would probably freak out. Then I remembered an idea an ex boyfriend of mine had a long time ago. The three headed dog like Demon that guards the gates of hell I believe called... uhh... Cerberus. Yes this is mythology turning into What ever I want it to. I was told it was hell but it's not according to Wikipedia... anywho moving on. Cerberus is a three headed dog demon and what the story my Ex had was to divide each head up into Humans and what not and they all have some fight it was so long ago I just remember the Cerberus being human. Well I figured I could make a story using Cerberus head each being Human. But mine is cooler... OR something...

Anywho here we go to the actual point...

The devil himself prized his most powerful demon Cerberus to be the most ruthless and obedient of all his demons. He bragged to the Lord saying that his servant would follow him even if each head was separate and sent to earth to live in the shadows of humanity with the influence of God's people. God decided to let the devil test his words and thus God created a human being out of each head and even gave the devil an advantage by placing them in homes where poverty and crimes roamed freely about. The parents were no better for each child and thus the devil waited for his demon to return to him.

Each Demon had a name similar to the name Lucifer

Luciano, Lucian, and Lucius. Each boy contained some ability from their demon days but the only thing they could remember from that time were the words Lucifer * the devil* promised them if they returned to him. The oldest or middle head was Luciano, The left head and second oldest was Lucian, and the right head and youngest was Lucius. Each boy lived in the same city so they would be close by so they didn't scatter out too much. Each boy also kept their fighting prowess and stealth so they could steal easy and kill easy so they could sin and die unsaved and return to the devil.
But something unexpected happens and one demon finds something that the devil couldn't count possible to happen.

Thus with the background complete Our story would begin...

And if you want to hear more of my useless and PREDICTABLE rambling lulz I dunno if it's predictable but anyways

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