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*Edited since it was posted on New Years day and its not New Years day anymore*
Hi everyone on DA!
Since this is a community where we can share our interests and such, we all want to start afresh and not get picky or fight over things here on DA and other sites!! So here's a stamp which tells us not to get frustrated over mediaverses.

Mediaverse (NOT to be confused with the company that publishes journals and newspapers, this is more a fandom term): a cartoon/comic/anime/game universe which may consists of crossovers. They are also forms of alternate universes for toons. This also includes interpretations of famous characters from classic literature.

examples: The Casper Movies. Out of them all, I am the biggest fan of the first one starring Christina Ricci, but I quite like the Haunted Christmas special. Also the old toons and comics with Wendy are adorable. I am a huge CasperXKat fan, but tolerate WendyXCasper too (because its cute and pretty well done- mainly in the comics)

-Sonic- SATAM and Sonic X and games. YES, not too big on the fandom since MANY fanbrats abound there, but I like the SATAM Sonic cartoon (haven't watched it in a while though. Sally Acorn was my fave) and I RARELY got the chance to watch Sonic X, but I quite like the games. Yes, Sega has the SonicXAmy pairing (which I quite like- especially for HUMOUR (think Piggy persuing Kermit), but if u remember SATAM, there were a LOT of SonicXSally pairing scenes too. So peace to both fandoms since I support BOTH SonSal and SonAmy. Plus hey, the Chaos Emeralds were not in the SATAM series, SO WHAT? The Freedom Fighters (who are not present in the games) were cool! Especially Bunnie Rabot. As for the games, BLAZE the CAT is my favourite character.

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