the new Nidhogg Picture

Maybe some of my watchers might remember this guy. Most probably won´t. I´ve drawn him back in 2009 and got my first AL at (it´s similar to a DD) with this painting: [link]. Naturally, he has a very special place in my heart.<3

I made him an OC afterwards, but never came around to draw him again besides some chibis here and there. He is one of the characters you love to death, but are too complicated to draw often. Later his design didn´t appeal to me anymore... so this make-over was more than overdue. This will be a part of a refsheet for him. I´m uploading it now because It will probably take me weeks ore months before I´m able to add a front view.

Until then I´ll give you the basics text-wise:

- Zombiedragon
- symmetrical markings
- symmetrical rings at the horns, but only one earring on the left side of his head
- insides of the wings reflect the night sky
- white scales/hornplates go all along his back
- red markings in v-shape on his neck and chest

Because of his impressive (and impractical size) and because I want to be able to draw him with more than space-backgrounds and interacting with other characters, he has the ability to create a kind of astral projection of himself. It is around 8 m high and 20 m in length and lacks the planet between his horns. In this form he can´t touch anything living, meaning he is able to stand on rocks, swim and fly, but at the same time pass through people or trees. While in this state, his original body falls in a trance-like state. He can´t be killed by destroying his projection, but he might get a massive headache out of it.XD

Edit: fixed the sloppily coloured edges.*yay*
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