Scholar and Scribe in Flight Picture

"Master, please, if you would dO ME THE PLEASURE OF SLOWING DOWN!!!"

Thoth on the move, much to the panic of his pupil scribe, Shesh. Shesh knows his master is quite the handful, and does his best to keep up despite his diminutive size. It's hard to keep up with gods, however, when you're only mortal. Shesh carries his scribe materials in his scarf and wears a ring with a cartouche for each team member. Thoth carries his staff and periodically loses his head wrap whilst dropping scrolls all over the place. This is my favorite picture of the Egyptian Nuzlocke characters so far.

Have some Wiki info on the gods! (And a scribe!)

"Thoth played many vital and prominent roles in Egyptian mythology, such as maintaining the universe, and being one of the two deities (the other being Ma'at) who stood on either side of Ra's boat. In the later history of ancient Egypt, Thoth became heavily associated with the arbitration of godly disputes, the arts of magic, the system of writing, the development of science, and the judgment of the dead."

"A scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps keep track of records."
"The Ancient Egyptian scribe or sekhau, was a person educated in the arts of writing and arithmetics."
"Thoth was a god associated by the Ancient Egyptians with the invention of writing, being the scribe of the gods, and holding knowledge of scientific and moral laws."

For those who don't know, this is from a series of designs for Pokemon from my friend
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