MCA App: Marcus Morgan Picture

Name: Marcus Morgan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 133 lbs
Orientation: Pansexual
Dorm: Pearl

Classes: Astrology/Mythology, Swim Class, Magical Combat, History

Skill: Ice generation/manipulation.
Ever since Marcus first began to prod around with his powers, he'd had an affinity for ice. Thus he built upon it to create one of his greatest strengths: Ice Manipulation.

From simply freezing a glass of water to drawing the moisture out of the air and using it to his advantage, Marcus' ability branches out to many different things, though whether he's mastered them all is a different story entirely. How well he preforms however, often depends on his concentration, his stamina, and his surroundings. For example, generating ice would be easier in a tundra than a desert. If his body was exhausted beyond all point, it would likely be impossible. And if he were creating a larger structure of ice, it would likely be more susceptible to crumbling when he was badly distracted.
In accordance, Marcus reacts badly to warmer weather. It is a time when he not only experiences quite a bit of discomfort with the heat, but his greatest ability is much more spotty, weaker, and more draining.

Cold weather, hunting, gaining knowledge, reading, neatness, tea, quiet, and the occasional break from the norm.
Loud, obnoxious people or people who interrupt, being mocked or made fun of, those who are too overzealous, filth, color, general poor hygiene

Marcus is quiet by nature, studious and thoughtful, and is likely to silently dwell on a single subject for quite some time. Though often he keeps a cold, proud, and possibly even haughty mask, it isn't all that hard to break through. When he gets started on a subject, he can talk about it for quite some time, though he gets easily sidetracked on occasion.
His emotions can be difficult to understand or predict, and when he's nervous, scared, or angry he won't hesitate to put up a wall between himself and another until he finds himself capable of calming down. He often needs guidance or positivity to pull him out of minor ruts of hesitance, fright, or self loathing, as rare as they may be.
He can sometimes be absent minded, or do things and forget they'd ever happened later, though in an embarrassed frenzy attempt to cover them up, or simply go along with it.

Marcus was raised alongside his older sister Madeline, both brought up by protective parents. However unlike Marcus, Madeline always seemed to come and go as she pleased, sometimes staying away for an entire week or more. And though they weren't always close, Marcus looked up to her greatly. She was adventurous and daring, things that Marcus admired. When he was old enough, and with their parents approval, his sister began to teach him. The years that followed were methodical, and exciting as Marcus' life thus far had ever been. Weekend nights would start early for training, and often Marcus found himself in situations that didn't seem all that fair. But they were meant to test him, meant to build him and make him stronger.The weekdays were spent with homeschooling and studies, and a peep was hardly heard.
But soon enough Marcus began to grow restless with his dull life, craving more than the safe sanctuary that home could offer. And at only fifteen, he tried to make a life of his own, detached from his family. Some days he would bundle up and sneak out, tried to observe the world outside of what he knew and make himself a part of it.
Though often he'd find himself lost, subject to ridicule for what he was. He didn't understand why he was looked down upon for being a Monochromatic. It was idiotic to him, and began to shoot back just as sharp replies.
That always seemed to fall on deaf ears.
It was one particularly warm afternoon when Marcus decided to sneak out yet again, though it wasn't far from home when he encountered a group of demons who supposedly had been waiting for him there on the corner- a place he always paused to rest in the shadows after quite a walk. They shoved at the boy without warning, yelled and tugged off his jacket, pushed him to the walls and to the pavement. And Marcus did what he could, hit them back, spat at them, used his magic as best he could. But he was weak and tired with the heat, regretting the situation entirely.
If his sister hadn't awoken to an empty bed in the room across the hall, if she hadn't gone looking for him, if she hadn't saved him, to this day, Marcus is sure he would have died.
He feared the streets, though he hardly dared to admit it. He hated the demons who were so seated in blind hate themselves.
Marcus was never ashamed of what he was, and signing up for the Academy was his first way of showing it.

Additional Info:

Specifically hates the color yellow.
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