Sailor Moonlight (new OC) Picture

Name: Alkemene Kagayaku
sailor name : Sailor Moonlight
Meaning: power of the moon, and shining
Age: 13
Birthday: March 20 (spring equinox)
Zodiac: pieces
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Blood Type: 0
Gemstone: Amethyst
Likes: shiny things like jewels, singing, drawing, her friends
Dislikes: Cruelty, rude people
Best Subject: Language Arts, Social Studies
Strong Point: Shy, but very smart and strong
Has trouble with: Cruelty, and mis treatment towards others, secrets, and lies
Personality: Shy very self conscious, incredibly smart and reliable, take orders with out question.
Alkemene Kagayaku is Hoseki Kagayaku little sister however, she lives with my shadow knights, zero and the twins. She often spends most time in the library, or searching random topics she becomes interested in mainly mythological things, always trying to find magic in everyday life, she plays many instruments and loves to sing but only when she is completely alone she's very shy and self conscious and careful about everything she says and does.
Past Life:
Princess Alkemene or Ally is Princess Annit's younger sister, Unlike Annit who was breed and raised to take control over the kingdom, Ally was given little attention by her parents, however she does not resent them, and understands why they did this, she also pity's Annit for her tough job and strict rules placed on her. Ally having far more freedom often took refuge in the mass library found in the palace, she wished to learn every secret hidden within the books, even uncovering secret passageways, Ally is timid and shy but loves exploring none the less. While Annit left her planet at 6 years old, Ally was hidden in one of these passage ways with the young shadow knights. She stayed in the rubble of her palace still reading all of the singed books. She later came to Earth, while she knows completely of her sister and watches over her, she chooses to hide from her not wishing to cause any problems, so she stays with the shadow knights

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