30 Day Drawing Challenge- Day 2 Picture

30 Day Drawing Challenge- Day 2: Something mythological

"Something mythological" is a pretty broad topic, although now that I think about, they were probably thinking more of a mythological creature. Well, whatever. I decided to go with Greek mythology and draw Persephone.

I don’t know what mythology actually says about Persephone’s personality, but I always imagined her as carefree and naïve. I have this idea that her smile and her happiness were what attracted Hades to her in the first place, since his life is so depressing (not that it makes the whole kidnapping and forced marriage thing okay).

The pose is boring, her arms are too long, and one of her hands is slightly non-existent, but other than that it looks okay. With her outfit, I was thinking more of girls in old 60s mythology-based movies (Like the Hercules films or Fire Maidens of Outer Space, for my MSTies out there c

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