Gargoyles Keyblade Picture

And another keyblade. This time one that could actually show up in a game! From the Disney cartoon & current comic book "Gargoyles" comes the "Noble Nocturne." Noble because the gargoyles are nothing if not that, and nocturne because it means both a song sung during & praising the night (also because they're theme song is F**king epic).

Pretty simple design. Took me maybe a day to think it up and sketch it. Another day to finish it in MS Paint.
Two opposing wings make up the shaft. The free wing making up the teeth with the full moon added for balance, and the petrified wing becomes both the hilt & left hand guard. Castle Wyvern, the original home of the gargoyles, makes the pommel & right hand guard. I was originally going to use the sun to contrast against the moon, but the circles never worked right and threw the blade off. And finally the Grimorum, the magic book hidden within the castle, becomes the keychain, as it was what turned our heroes to stone for 1,000 years in the first place.

Ability +3 because the gargoyles are strong, but they're not incredible. Magic +4 because there's quite a bit of magic to gargoyles & mythology in general. Air Combo Plus because the gargoyles kick ass in mid-air.

"Gargoyles" is (C) Disney
"Keyblade" is (C) Square Enix.

Thanks for looking!
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