Offerings to the Chameleon God Picture

The Chameleon God is, by far, the easiest of the Ancient Reptilia Gods to appease. The Priests of the Chameleon God wear the ceremonial garb and follow the carved waystones to the shrine of the Colourful One. Once they have arrived, they place a simple bowl of juicy beetles upon the altar, murmur a quick prayer and leave once more into the jungle. It is said that one such offering per year is enough to ensure that the brilliant colours of the chameleon community will never fade.

Author's Note - This toy design originally started as a sketch on my computer from mid last year. After months of waiting, I finalised the design and played around with some colours. I enjoy the idea that the colourful display that chameleons employ is a blessing from some obscure mesoamerican god.

If you wish to show your support and help this become a toy, visit the link below and vote and/or comment on the design. Thanks folks

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