David Reference 2014 Picture

Last Update: 23/10/2014

Name: David (Dah-VEED) Langdon
Meaning of Name: Beloved
Nickname: Buck
Meaning of Nickname: Male Deer, Weaver, From the cannon's seat.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gray-Asexual
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
Marital Status: Single //Mentally dating Chris Evans
Biological Family: Canidae
Breed Line:
-25% Siberian Husky
-25% Boxer
-25% Galician Shepherd
-25% Majorca Shepherd Dog

Birthday: December 23/1997
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Positive Qualities: Great analyst and abstract thinker, imaginative and original, open-minded, enthusiastic, objective, honest and straightforward, good listener, respectful of others opinions.
Negative Qualities: Stubborn and prideful, dominant, aggressive, very private and withdrawn, insensitive, abstent-minded, condescending, loathes rules and guidelines, hates deadlines, second-guesses himself.
-Feral = 23.6 inches (60 cm)
-Anthro=5'8-5'9 feet (175 cm)

Body type: Quite sturdy and a bit chubby. Long, strong legs. Triangle shaped ears, right ear is floppy and partially deaf (75% hearing). Sharp teeth, but rather weak and short claws.
Fur type: Short-medium fur on all body, except on cheeks/neck/tail, where it's rather long. Soft and fluffy.
Health: 90% (suffered from Acute Bronchitis)
Symmetrical markings: No
Phobias: Hornets.
Religion: Atheist
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Food: Salad
Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Element: Air
Favorite Animal: Beech Marteen
Favourite Type of Music: Alternative Rock
Favourite groups: Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Thousand Foot Crutch, Imagine Dragons, Adam Lambert, Panic! At the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars.
-Marvel and Assassin's Creed are his passion
-Either worries too much or doesn't care at all, there's no in between
-There are some hidden scars under his fur from constant scratching and biting his skin
-Jozé (Giiana's, middle upper drawing) is his best friend yes
-He can go from random conversation to a pretty deep philosophical one within seconds
-Gets scared easily, yet enjoys the feeling very much
-When nervous, he feels as if he can't breathe
-Curses and swears a lot
-Dislikes kids
-Fears fire
It kills him to ask for help, but doesnt mind helping others
Believes in ghost
Dislikes boobs
-He's pretty pessimistic most of the time, but likes to put it as being realist.
-Respect his beliefs, and he will respect yours.
-He lives in a constant Chrisis.
-Don't talk about Chris Evans in front of him if you care about your hearing.
-He sleeps a lot, but despises it.
-Doesn't like french fries
-Full worthless knowledge about Marvel guaranteed
-Loves mythology and history
-His favourite season is Winter.
-Hates hot places/weather.
-Enjoys arguing for no reasson


I honestly think that's enough stuff you need to know about me xD
David finally got a ref! His canine form is, from now on, the main one and the one that you will see around the most.
Eughghf I've been off school for two days due riots and honestly-
this sucks.
I'm losing classes come onnnnnn you assholes I have more important things to do than to riot to vote for something.
Oh well, at least this way I've gained some study time fhgfhgfg I really needed it
From now on, submissions and my activity over here overall will decrease as I have a very important project I must present on December and I'm going to work on it 100% from the very November 1st.

I've had this done for a while but always been too lazy to complete all the info blehrhvbhr
Today's been a weird day for me
I feel so confident about everything but nothing.


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