Through Alabastra We March Picture

Look, I did a comic. I'm not sure if it has really happened before, I mean - a real comic, not a rough sketch with panels. I'm not really good at it, so usually I just make some sloppy drawings to illustrate the joke and show to my friends. But yesterday I decided to take a try, as I got quite an idea after completing Kingdoms of Amalur. For the third time I believe. Still, it was as epic as the first time. Also, I'm trying to get more comfortable with this kind of stylization, which I use mostly in watercolours but I identify it as... my own style I guess)

I'm not sure how many of you actually played the game, so I'll add explanation of the text in comic. Sorry for a wall of text, I stuffed it with a lot of small but important things >.<

So, I'll start with some basics: in the world of Amalur are many races, but apart from mortal ones, there are also the immortals - fae. They have pretty complex society, which consists of two courts: seelie and unseelie. Ring any bells? (If not - see some celtic mythology). And these courts consist of smaller houses. Some time ago the unseelie court was split up, as one of their own rebelled against the Telling - ancient order of all things, revered by all fae. With the power of his newfound "god", Tirnoch, the rebel - Gadflow - slayed the unseelie king and took his place, starting a new faction - Tuatha. Their goal was to eradicate every living thing, except for them, to cleanse the world. (nothing new I guess) Over time they grew stronger and stronger, taking over or destroying almost all houses of the unseelie court and began their march against the rest of the world. So, that's the basic info.
About the names: Gadflow is the first one to betray the unseelie king, and the one who killed him. Ticneri, Khleran and Dessidyn are witch-knights and his generals - all of them pretty twisted.
About the robe: It's a tuatha robe, which I was wearing through the last part of the game, as an intimidation for them.
About the weapons: They all are quite significant. "Her eyes" are in fact Eyes of Tirnoch - a pair of powerful daggers crafted by tuatha and named after their god. "Blades of the Bitter Frost" are faeblades, which are a gift from the leader of Bitter Frost - small grup of unseelie fae which refused to join Tuatha. “Forged with stolen steel and avenged blood” – as they are described. “Sorrow” is an artifact of a House of Sorrows – unseelie fae house which was destroyed by a traitor of their own, a Tuatha agent – it is found after killing him.
About the title: Alabastra is the kingdom of the unseelie court, now ruled by Tuatha, twisted and destroyed by their magic.

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