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Copics, Prismas, Microns and Gel Pens.

Character Name: Lila Ketos, Princess of Eris, Sailor Eris
Name Meaning: Lila (english spelling for Leila) means Night Beauty, Ketos (the whale) is the name of the constellation of which Eris is apart of.
Senshi Name: Sailor Eris
Veil Name: Sailor Dynsomia - Dysnomia, in Greek Mythology, is the daughter of Eris
Age: 17
Birthdate: September 13th (Virgo) ** Persprone was almost a name given to planet Eris. She is associated with Virgo. Ironically, Sept. 13th is when Eris was names as a Planet.
Blood Type: O+
Zodiac Sign: Virgo *see Birthdate*

Height: 5'7
weight: 130
eye color: Blue
hair color: Blonde Ash

Personality: Analytical / critical / insightful/ Precise / meticulous / anal-retentive/
Orderly / methodical /Practical / pragmatic /Mental / intelligent / inquiring /Responsible / reliable /Perfectionistic /Shrewd / witty / clever /Conservative / conventional /Refined / polite / well mannered /Hygienic / clean

Favorite Color: Silver
Least Fav Color: Brown
Favorite Food: Potato Soup
Least Fav Food: Pinnapple
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Sewing, and Shopping
Favorite Subject: Art Class
Worst Subject: Chemistry
Fears: snakes,cold and disappointing others
Strengths: Defense, grace, and reslience
Weakness's: The abiltiy to feel innocent of her mother's crimes, the inability to leave a fight unfinished, the inability to leave her friends without defense, feels guilty if she is unable to assist and do good
Dreams: Being a Fashion Designer, artist, or dancer in Paris

Family: Lila's mother was Lady Dysn Ketos. Dysn Ketos was a very strong and powerful corporate woman who lived a lonely life. She was the Princess of Eris in her past life. Planet Eris was the furthest away in the solar system and was ignored from the kingdom due to its lawlessness and chaotic people. Princess Eris swore revenge. In the present, her vengeance seeped through to her next life where she used her corporate power to hurt people in order to obtain enough money and power to obtain her own kingdom. She uses this power and money to being her revenge in the future by hiring assassins and warriors to attack the Neo Crystal Toyko and the royal family. Lila never knew her father's identity. Lila does know that he was an Arabic man, a man of mysterious background, and had light hair just like hers.

Character Background: (from the RPG where she was created. Her mother was designed to be a villian)

Lila was born in Toyko. Even from a young age, Lila's mother planned to use her as a tool to strike revenge. Lila was raised in Toyko by a Nanny and given every desire. There were high expectations for her behaviors and nothing inferior was ever acceptable. Her mother placed her there in hopes that Lila would be able to assimilate and befriend the Princess and her companions so that she could later betray them at the command of her mother. Lila's mother, who was losing the ever on going battle with the royal Moon family, ordered Lila to use the opportunity to kill the Princess and the future scouts. Lila stood against her mother -no able to bare the idea of even injuring her friends. Lila's mother attacked her. That is when her powers awoke as Sailor Eris - her mother never was able to transform into a sailor as her heart was evil. In self defense, Lila called on the power of " Utter Chaos Devastation!" . It killed her mother.
Your character main plot and goal in this RPG?

It was at the time Lila swore her loyalty to the Moon Kingdom, Artemis and Luna revealed the story of Sailor Eris and the history of the forgotten Senshi. The orbit of Eris is so inclined and vast that it takes 557 years to complete this orbit. Because of its orbit and distance, contact with the planet is rare and often impossible. Being the planet of chaos, its people are at war with itself. However, it is the forgotten and chaotic state that undoes itself by randomly producing a good and innocent Princess to carry on the Sailor Eris legacy. In this case, Lila. Unlike her ancestors, the good princess appears just before a time of great chaos and evil to assist in bringing it to order. When she transforms a tattoo appears on her upper bicep. It tells her where at all times her home planet is in its orbit so she can always return if need be.
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