Roman Myth Picture

Here you have it, the moment that you've all been waiting for: At last, I have both completed and presented the final draft of my project on Roman Mythology, and in the process--I ended up receiving an A+ for all my hard work. ^.^
Though I had obtained and printed a select few pictures such as Circus Maximus, The Twin Gates of Janus, and a Lares' temple from various places on the internet, most of the pictures on this posted were hand drawn, such Romulus and Remus, Jupiter, Juno, and Janus.
(Romulus and Remus are the large portraits in the center, Jupiter and Juno are on the left panel, and Janus is the two-headed god on the top-left corner. ^.^
I am very pleased with the final product and my final grade. ^.^ Hop you all enjoy my work as well!
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