Nesuzu WIP Picture

Submitting this as a deviation first, and I'll Scrap it later. Because no one ever looks at scraps. >x<

A sketch I've been working on, showing some of "Neko's" makeover.
New name, thank gods- Nesuzu.
Also, I thought that her being just some random cat thing was too boring, and started looking into cats of mythology and such. There really aren't many, but the one that interested me the most was the japanese "nekomata", the two-tailed cat that manipulates the dead. I decided that that's what I'd like for her to be, and it just so happens that a couple weeks later...

* * * Big Naruto Manga Spoiler, Caution: * * *

....the container of the nekomata demon appeared in the Naruto manga! So I feel kinda bad that, but it really WAS coincidence and I did NOT copy from the Naruto manga. I made her into a Nekomata before that chapter of Naruto came out. x_____x

Anyways!! About the pic:
The large cat in this picture is actually her dead mother's spirit (you can see she's a little "rotten" in places), whom she uses to kill enemies with in order to get revenge for her death. An' all that good stuff. Yeah... >___>
I reeeeally look forward to coloring this one. :3

*Edit: I was in such a hurry to post this before leaving for work today, that I'd forgot to mention that slight reference was used. I'd quickly looked through a few photos of tigers for reference of the cat spirit, to get an idea of the anatomy of a big cat at that perspective. :3

Art & characters © Colleen S.
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