Movie Metroplex Sketch Picture

Okay so here is my idea for a Bayformers Metroplex.

Seeing as we’re getting a lot of human mythology and geology thrown into the next film I thought “Why not do something and bring up a place that’s never really been proven real?”

That’s when it hit me…

Metroplex is the lost city of Atlantis

It’d make perfect sense! He sank into the ocean but he was in stasis lock, the humans built a city on him and found a part of him near his internal optics that they named “Protector” (Which I wrote using the alphabet of the Atlantean Language in Disney’s Atlantis The Lost Empire xD). During the war he was sent out by Sentinel Prime to scout out new worlds but he was attacked when he found out about Sentinel’s plan and deal with Megatron. So he was attacked but escaped at the cost of his right optics, so to repair himself he set himself into Stasis on a remote planet where no one would find him.

Then Optimus comes along and awakens him through a call by using the Matrix (he brought Grimlock along because SIZE DIFFERENCES GALORE) and Metroplex rises from the ocean, covered in seaweed and coral reefs and parts of his body displaying the city of Atlantis.

That’s my idea anyway, I hope you folks like it!!

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