Bakeneko Picture

You might think I put this in the wrong category, but I haven't. This is not your average moggy, so it doesn't belong in the animals section.

This is a bakeneko, the ghost cat, a demon of Japanese mythology.

Notice the long tail? That's a bakeneko trait. According to legend the Japanese Bobtail breed came about as a result of trying to prevent cats from having long tails and changing into bakenekos.

A bakeneko can walk on its hind legs, fly, speak human, take human form, create ghostly fireballs and bring a corpse to life as a zombie by jumping over it.

Some bakenekos are evil, tormenting their human owners or even eating them and taking their place, and some bakenekos are good, using their power to help people. The lucky cat from Japan originates from a story about one.

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