Animal Realm Picture

An idea I got after playing Epic Mickey. The Wasteland was a place where forgotten or rejected characters end up. The Fanzone is a place where fan-made characters/OC's end up living.

The Animal Real is the Fanzone's version of Disney's Animal Kingdom. This is where animal oc's of movies like The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and A Bugs' Life live. The Animal Realm is known for it's massive tree known as The Tree of Creation, which is actully two different trees twisting together. Carved into the tree are carvings of mythological creatures and cryptids. In the center of the two trees is a theater used for plays.

Parks of the Fanzone
The Magical Realm: [link]
Morab (Metropolis. Of. Robots. And. Beings.): [link]
Dream Cinima Studios: [link]
Animal Realm: [link]
Hurricane Cove: [link]
Snowy Sands:
Downtown Fanzone:
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