TBoL OC: Nanahuatl the Youngest Sun Goddess Picture

((Hope this character is balanced. But ya know what? She's a mythological Goddess.))
The Book of Life OC (?)
I really like the movie designs.
This is also a tribute to my mentor as he travelled to Mexico and painted a picture of Dayak sacred characters and spirits, with Mayan and Aztec Gods and Goddesses. All he did is to make presents for Mexican and Indonesian teamwork through leaders.
About Nana's design:
-Burning ember multicolor hair was a book that I read in my teacher's library, once. The book says that once she reincarnated into the sun, her hair turns into wavy and ember like, just like what sun ray look like.
-The book also said that she became more beautiful than her previous incarnation and more Godly look.
-I drew her as a sugar skull being because reincarnations and burn selves to sacred flames? I think those mean death.
-Her height is not as tall as La Muerte, perhaps um... One and a half from her? Coz she's the youngest Goddess that Aztec mythology ever had. X,3
-I was thinking she looks like a human girl in her previous incarnation. Coz the book said that she doesn't have any powers or wonders as other Gods and Goddesses, but humble heart, and I guess that makes her.... Human like.

-Nana is a humble and caring Goddess. She doesn't care who she really are and she's ready to sacrifice everything to keep world in balance. Without the sun, world will die. And without bravery, all the Celestials will be doomed. She is really forgiving and kindness sharing. However, this makes her also dare to sacrifice herself or her throne as the Sun Goddess to everything If they try to hurt innocents. As the Sun Goddess, she is also trying to control her temper and wrath, because her solar power could ruin everything in flames. She also doesn't like to kill animals or even humans, even she doesn't want mean sacrifices (Coz Aztecs are known to sacrifice humans to keep the sun moving), not as what other Gods and Goddesses want from their followers. She only want to see others happy, being kind, and the world is in balance
-Nana was a freak between her friends, and she was helpless as she is not as 'talented' as the other Goddess and Goddesses. Not as rain summoner as Tlaloc, not as attractive as Tecuciztecatl, the handomest and strongest God, rule over worms and snails. But as the world lost their previous sun God, everyone gathered and most of the deities are scared because being a sun, meant death for those who wants to be the sun through sacrifices. Nana dares herself to be a volunteer, and so Tecuciztecatl. When it's time to sacrifice themself, Tecuciztecatl became nervous as the fire flares and heating like hell. Nana jumped the first as she knows that the world need someone like her to keep balance of everything. Tecuciztecatl felt embarrassed by her bravery, so he jumped the last. Soon, Nana was lifted by a giant golden eagle, turning into a beautiful Sun Goddess as she was placed in the sky. And Tecuciztecatl lifted by a younger silver eagle, and placed in the sky as the moon God. Till now, the two still rivaling, chasing each other. Tecuciztecatl was very jealous of her throne.

-La Muerte=> Good friend and sister for her. She adores her beauty and she was welcomed by her warmly in the Land of the Remembered. La Muerte also teach her how to be pretty after she was a sun goddess and some people there think she needs a better look. She aggrees with her opinion that all beings of Earth have a bright side.
-Xibalba=> She thinks he's a very weird grampa. She doesn't like the way he cheats. And sometimes, she wants to get away from him when she was angered by his bad behaviors. Because she's of sun and fire and he was of easy to burn tar.
-Humans=> She greets them warmly. Sometimes in her disguising form as a child, she gave them some flowers and advices. She agrees Manolo should marry Maria as his heart was bright and sportive in the game of love. And she decide to help Joaquin to look after crushes in a right way... Not even with celestial powers. Just guidance.
Open to RPs btw. I appreciate If you use this OC as a story cameo or such.
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