Iktomi Picture

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Iktomi is the spider trickster from Native American mythology. I thought it was perfect not only because spiders are associated with Halloween, but also the trickster personality seemed to fit in well with Hallowequines.

Name: Iktomi
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Arabian
Height: 14hh
Markings: Un-type Hallowequine

Personality: Like most Hallowequine, Iktomi is curious, prideful, and overly playful. He has a very all-or-nothing personality - if he can’t commit to something with both heart and soul, and this includes getting into trouble, he hesitates. This also makes him hardheaded and stubborn, and he seldom will admit when he’s wrong.

History: True to his name and nature, Iktomi took nothing seriously. He was perpetually playing tricks on the other animals of the forest and - because of his small stature - he could hide and never be found out. He called to the other animals and lured them into human traps, he weaved webs over animals’ burrows and hid them from their owners, and he bound their legs together with silk when they slept so they tripped when they ran. And whenever someone should accuse him of these acts, he could always deny it because no one ever saw him.

But one night, when he was stealing the bones from a wolf, he was caught. Wolf trapped him in his own web and, as he dangled there helplessly, the wolf considered how to punish him. “I’ll turn you into one of the creatures you so cruelly trick,” he said. So Iktomi became a horse. “And to ensure you are never able to hide, I shall take your webbing and place it on your back.” So Iktomi was covered by brightly colored, criss-crossing strands of silk that stuck to his coat and would not come off.

“You shall stay this way until I have seen that you have learned your lesson.” And so wolf left Iktomi to himself, to try and seek his own redemption for his past acts.

But, to know a trickster, is to know they never learn.
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