Walfas: TMHPiG Part 67 Picture

Sixty-seventh part of "The most hated person in Gensokyo" series.

All Hecate's minions have been defeated. Our protagonists are able to reach the North of the Hakurei Barrier and try to stop Hecate. Could they do it?

It was very difficult to make the powers of the Grimoire. I wasn't very sure about how make them and I wanted to add the cards monsters that appears in the Extra Stage of Mystic Square, where Alice opened her Grimoire at the first time. Of course, there's some theories that the Wonderland in that stage was created by Alice's Grimoire, and maybe Alice is stronger and immune to madness in that place. Makai is actually really difficult to make... I should visit it someday... ^^

More mythological information: All the blood of a Lampade is fire, and that's why when Sonus died, a big explosion appeared. Nice way to end her performance, don't you think so? Poor Sonus...

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Gensokyo is doomed!

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