Erebomon Picture

Finally i did it! Posible the final evolution of Umbramon.
His name come from Erebo, the primordial god of the dark from Greek mythology.


Type: Dark

Attribute: Virus

Info: Controls the power of the darkness and can be appear where are shadows or dark places. He feed dark of the hearts of humans and Digicore of Digimons, if the heart/Digicore are full of dark then he will eat it. Erebomon have the power to use the darkness like a weapon (dark sword, scimitars, shoots, and others) and the controls the dark hearts/Digicores.

  • Tenebrescere: Darkens the whole area that is creating a space where it is completely dark, nothing can light the area. Also said to be in fact a dimension made ​​by Erebomon.

  • Negative impetum: Attacks creating weapons made of negative energy.

  • Tenebrae acus: Shoots needles of negative energy from his fingers.

  • Falces Terribilis: Use their sickles whose tails to cut or grab the enemy.

This Digimon is made
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