the kirin Picture

"I fly the skys,
And come across
The dying unicorn,
' Please save me, O gracious dragon!'
She cried upon her last breath,
'So be it, but life will be forever different,
Your body and life
Shall'nt ever be the same.'
With those words
Coming from within,
I take a deep breath,
And reach deep inside
For the ancient magic,
That flows through my being,
And call upon her wondering soul,
I re-shape her body,
And place her back within it,
And breathed life into her
Once again,
'Waken and rise,
Roam the earth once again.
Become the first of your kin,
O mighty Kirin.
My taks now done,
I swim through the sky,
Off towards
An unknown destiny
And th Kirin was born,
The unicorn
And dragon"
--poem me
---art work me
a kirin (or qilin) from chinese and japanese mythology
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