Grover Underwood Picture

Grover is one of my favorite characters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians (he shares a place with Tyson). I'm only on novel two, but I got a lot giftcards to the book store so I hope I can by 3 and 4. Anyway, there's just a generic picture of him on the left. THe other two are scenes from the book. The upper one is from when he's fighting Medusa. the bottom one is from the second book when he has to 'marry' Polyphemus. I didn't color Annabeth in because I don't like her very much :I

For those of your haven't read the books (which are totally awesome, very funny, and choc full of greek mythology goodness!) then, yes Grover is satyr/faun. And is so hax YOU DON"T EVEN KNOW!

A ginourmous cookie goes to the first person who can name the episode from which the Spongebob reference is from.

Grover Underwood (c) the guy who wrote Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
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