Introduction No. 2 Picture

The girl to the right is called Idun.
She is 13 years old and lives in the white city. The white city is run by capitalists and it is packed with rules and strict order. All has to be calm, quiet and normal. Any diffrences will be banished, and they usually go to live in the black city. There is known to be new thinkers in the white city, but they hide who they are.
Idun is calm, thoughtful, intelligent, and way to sane.
She knows anything that is certain but is very ignorant to all that is uncertain. She gets frustrated and tired of the ways in her city and runs away for a journey, to gain more knowlegde in the uncertain. No one really knows just how much she knows. In the white city you are learned only to speak if it is really necsessary. Here she sits in the black city after a horrible experience through the red city and an even more horrible in the black. She crawled up there like the other black citizins that needs some rest. Idun is lost from the one friend she gained in the red city. A woman called Cider. She is also somewhere in the broken black city now.
Idun is discovered by the Siamese twins, who gains sympathy for Idun and will try to help her (that becomes diffecult because of the Siameses desperate sisters)

All the citizens in the white city are named after someone or something in the norse mythologi.

Oh, and the poor creature to the left is Epidemic's best friend [link]
..or used to be, until she vanished. It happens in the black city that the citizens lose an arm or leg the more "truth" they discovers (they gain the knowlegde by experiences, meditation and philosophy)
When they lose all the arms and legs they have, they have realised and gained knowlegde about everything. And they cant live with no more mysteries or questions, so they vanish. They dont die, but just vanish.
Epidemic placed her in that chair and comes to visit her often.
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