Ouran Emotional Spectrum Picture

This is one I got a request to do. So I thought "Sure, why the hell not? They're not exactly hard to do." Seriously, I don't know why you guys like these so much, XD.

Though each character in Ouran does have very distinct personalities this wasn't the easiest of ones to decide where each character goes... but I think I the choices I made are passable. I'll explain why I made each below.

For those of you who aren't familiar with DC comics, or just aren't familiar with Green Lantern mythology (if that's the word I'm looking for) I'll try and explain: The Emotional Spectrum is basically the white light of life that's been broken up into different colours that define the emotion of the universe. Each different Lantern Corp channels these different colours in their Central Power Batteries and use them to power their Power Rings. At least that's a very basic explanation. If you want the details here's the wiki article on it: [link]

Anyway it's time to once again explain why I put each character in each colour:

Umehito Nekozawa light: White Lanterns (Life) - Seeing as I included the White and Black Lanterns in the previous one of these I did, I knew people would want me to do it again with this one. Though weirdly enough the only person I could think of to fill both these slots was Nekozawa. Seeing as the White Lanterns are those brought back to life by the white light at the end of Blackest Night, I thought Nekozawa's light side would fit in here... even though he's terrified of bright lights. But the reason it works is because whenever his little sister's in trouble his light side will, in a sense, come back to life in order to help her... look, nobody actually died or was brought back to life during Ouran okay? This is the best I could do.

Haruhi Fujioka: Red Lanterns (Rage) - Haruhi feels great rage and hatred towards the Host Club for making her join it and treating her like a toy. Plus as we've seen she can have a VERY short temper... though given the sheer idiocy of the Host Club members I think anyone would have a short temper towards them. Anyway, the bottom line is she feels great rage towards them, and would probably love to "burn them all". Her heart belongs in the Red Lantern Corp.

Hikaru Hiitachin: Orange Lantern/Agent Orange (Avarice) - Look, the twins may look and act identically but as Haruhi's said, and as we see later on in the series, they are vastly different. About halfway through the series we see that Hikaru has quite a greedy side. Now that him and Kaoru have let people into their lives he doesn't want anything to come and take them away, as seen when Haruhi's talking to her old friend from middle school. He just wants those close to him (particularly Kaoru and Haruhi) all to himself. Heh, whenever Tamaki's cuddling Haruhi I'm surprised he never grabs her and yells "Mine!"

Kyoya Ootori: Sinestro Corp (Fear) - This one I was sure of right from the start. Kyoya strikes fear into the other members of the host club, and why not? He's a scary guy, especially when he's pissed off. He's always using fear to manipulate people into doing what he wants. Now one could argue he belongs in the orange light due to how it seems like he doesn't do anything for anyone unless he can profit from it, but we see later on that's not always the case. As Haruhi points out: He's not as greedy and selfish as he lets on. But he does still strikes fear into the hearts of the rest of the Host Club. I'd say he belongs in the Sinestro Corp.

Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka: Green Lanterns (Will) - Mori was the hardest one to place... pretty much because there's not much to his character. At first I was going to put him in the indigo section due to his great compassion for Honey, but I also thought "Whenever Honey's in trouble though, Mori can overcome great fear in order to save him". Mori's greatest fear would be if anything happened to Honey, but it's something he's always able to overcome in order to keep Honey safe... a weak excuse, but hey I needed someone to fill the Green Lantern slot.

Tamaki Suoh: Blue Lanterns (Hope) - Another one that was hard to decide upon. On the one hand Tamaki's very compassionate towards others, always wanting to help out those in need. But on the other hand, as we see in the flashbacks of all the characters before they joined the Host Club, he also has the ability to instill great hope into others. After much debate with myself I decided to put him in the Blue Lantern Corp, and why not? Whenever someone's feeling down and hopeless Tamaki always steps in and gives them hope again. He's determined, not only to make every woman happy, but to make people happy in general, and he does this by giving them hope about life and making them think "All will be well".

Kaoru Hiitachin: Indigo Tribe (Compassion) - So many characters could fit into this category. One could argue that Tamaki would fit in here better, and I would actually agree, however as I mentioned above he also has the ability to instill great hope so... Anyway, much like the Indigo Tribe Kaoru seems to have abandoned all other things in favour of compassion, particularly towards his brother... no, I don't mean in the "twinsest" act that they do. I mean in the way that all they've had is each other growing up, abandoning all other things but each other. However when they joined the Host Club they started letting other people into their world. While Hikaru chose to want to keep them all for himself, Kaoru instead favours treating them with great compassion. He feels great compassion towards those close to him, especially Hikaru, wanting nothing else but for them to all be happy.

Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka: Star Sapphires (Love) - Okay, yes the Star Sapphires are all women... but Honey's very feminine though... Look, there are only two women worth noting in Ouran and neither of them feel great love. Do you know who DOES feel great love? Honey! He's very loving and caring towards everyone around him. Plus, like I said, he's very feminine... maybe the Zamarons would make an exception... Yeah, I'm disgusting aren't I? There's something really wrong with me.

Umehito Nekozawa dark: Black Lanters (Death) - Well if you think about it, Nekozawa's light princely side has technically "died" and been reborn as a dark being... Look there was nobody else to fill this slot okay? I think it works.
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