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Name: Kaine (Spoken: Kain) Dalaigh
Age: appears to be 22
Gender: Male >:I
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Orientation: Gay
( In a relationship with Twix )

Dorm: Pearl

- Dark Arts
- Magic Combat
- Physical Training
- History
- Astrology/Mythology


Shadow manipulation (Basic skill):
Kaine's basic ability he was born with. The tatoos on his skin aren't just for decoration, they live and grow with the demon, pulsing and moving over his skin. Its like having a extra organ. The older he gets, the more shadow matter he gains. Currently his tatoo extends from his hand up to his shoulder, connecting over his back.
He can only use his own shadows and not manipulate other, and only to a certain extend. When not in use, Kaines matter 'rests' and will appear in a greyish color and motionless. When he's angry or excited, they wake up and will change into a deep black, moving around.
When used in a fight, Kaine can change their apprearance as a slimy, inky mass or solid. He tends to shift between those rather quickly, since its like breathing for the cat demon.

Summoning (inherited skill):
Kaine specialised on summoning cat souls, though they appear only to their very bones. He's able to summon 10 different cats so far, less than his family who can summon up to 30/40. To make a contract he needs to devour the animals soul, offer them a new body and a new name. The more cats he summons, the less shadows he can use. (Since he has only a limited amount to offer, his tatoos will shrink then too.)
The cats are only connected to him by the bond, and he adds pressure to their mind with his own, making them obey to his will. It happens that he doesn't need to, like with the kitten or the cats who stay by his side on their own will.
If you can't imagine it. Here: [link]

Illusion (inherited skill):
An ability he uses all the time. Since his matter is part of his body, they are connected to his whole body system and brain impulses. That's how he is communicating with his cats. Due to their possession of his matter and therefore also his body, Kaines senses and agility are a tad bit amplified.
Kaine doesn't know how to control it to use its full potential to control and seperate all the cats that live within him, so it backfires when he summons the larger ones and what he should be able to lead takes over his mind.

Kaine might be good at close combat, but he is no fighting expert and runs out of stamina pretty fast. He is aware of basic defensive and offensive moves, but his strength lies in attacking with his dark matter. Though his shadow skill is limited by extension. He can extend his shadows up to 50 meters, less when he had summoned cats since he offers them a body with his those.
He cannot summon all of his contracts. Kaine needs to suppress their minds to control them, needs to lead them and make them obey to his will. If he is forced to summon all of them, they might take over his own mind and he goes wild, mostly faints due to the pressure and pain.

- smoking
- quiet and dark places
- reading
- poems from Rainer M. Rilke
- cats (especially black ones)
- tatoos or ink art in general
- sweets

- running out of cigarettes (Though he owns a e-cig)
- getting wet and soaked
- pointless coversations
- his short temper
- being stared at
- Dogs

Kaine is a very quiet and facial expressionless demon. That attitude may appear as rude, but he just avoids talking first. If you're talking to him anyways, he'll give you answers but nothing more. Once you get to know him though, you may see that he behaves more like a cat. He's fickle and gets annoyed quickly, you can see that when his tail flicks around. Also, moving things catch his attention quite easily, but once its deemed as boring, he'll ignore it. If there is no reasone to move, Kaine will nap and remain at his place. Be friends with him, and you'll see he can be pretty sarcastic.
Read his body language, and you're mostly good. Ignore the warnings, he'll be ominous and vicious, trying to be intimidating. He acts mostly by instincts, and tends to stare at nothing particular. It has a lot to do with the cats which possess him, so the demon gained animal-like attitudes.
However, he dislikes to be stared at, especially when its about his moving tatoos. Ask him nicely, and he may show them to you. Kaine prefers quiet places like a library and reading a good book.

Kaine was born into the manipulative demon kind, though their species appear to be quite a rarity. Instead of manipulating other matter, the shadows live and grow with the demons.
His ancestors took advantage of this skill and combined it with dark magic, the summoning.

In an old mansion with enough space to let his whole family live in there, Kaine was raised in the third breed. Since monochromatics were even more of a rarity, it was soon decided to seperate the young demon from his brothers and sisters. Close to his mother, a demon with illusion skills, he was taught how to use his shadows and raised as a loner while his family in general trained together.
He never talked much, not did he find any reason to do so since he was being avoided by the non-monochromatic breed. However, the demon mastered his ability quite well, and soon got old enough to make his first contract.
That's where he had met his father for the first time. To the older demons surprise, the white-haired devoured a kittens soul, now only bound to cats.
Now being a cat summoner, Kaine brought up more surprises. Instead of summoning the whole cat body, he just summons their skeleton. His father though pushed the boy forward, trying to overcome all disadvantages his son created. He'd also send the dog summoners after him so Kaine had to run, to hide and to fight if necessary. The white-haired demon developed a strong dislike against dogs since then.
However, the more contracts he made, the more difficult it had gotten to tame the souls within his body.
Kaine would start to lose his mind and have horrible cramps, feeling sick to a point he starts to vormit. Having different species that werent syncing up was indeed a hindrance, which wasnt much of an issue with dogs. To overcome this weakness, his parents decided to send him to the monochromatic academy.
Now there for a year, Kaine managed to control a few more cats, but still feels overly exhausted after using it too much. He managed to get close to a few people, but most of them had left, so you see him sticking around Twix a lot.

Additional Info:

- If Kaine is using his Tatoos for summoning, they start crawling around, breaking out of his skin.
It looks very painful and actually... it is.

- He has different contracts with all kinds of cats (10 rings = 10 contracts)
You can only define them as a normal cat or a panther if you look at the size -since he only summons their skeleton-
The bigger it is he feels more pain and is more exhausted.

- His tatoos have a greyish colour, only if he starts to call for the contract they turn into a pure black and start pulsing and moving under his skin, like a living being.
Can also happen if you stare too much on them. But don't do that. He dislikes it.

- Fun fact: Kaine can purr.

- He is able to control so far:
Cycrl (kitten) - full in control, is obeying to everything
Capucine/Syntyche (cats) - full in control, are obeying the most time
Aiolos/Xun (cheetah) - full in control, are obeying
Bazyli/Cezary (panthers) - half in control, are not really obeying. Maybe if Kaine offers something like pain or blood. (It can happen that his mind is especially strong so that he is able to tame those for a fight.)
Arieh (lion) - not in control, isn't obeying and tries to control Kaine because he doesn't want to be tamed by a kid.
Mstislav (tiger) - not on control, same reasoning as before.
Arttu (mountain lion) - not in control, breaks out and tries to take over Kaines mind

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