Blaze Bio Picture

Universe: Young Justice, Earth 16
Date: 11-04-13

Full Name: Ashley Carola Bakker
Nickname: Ash
Alias: Blaze,
Mentor: Fire

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday: April 28, 1995
Deathday: None yet
Birthplace: Maastricht, Limburg, the Netherlands

Alignment: Good
Symbol: Flame
Vice: Greed/Sloth.
Virtue: Chastity/Kindness
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Zodiac Sign: Pig

Species: Meta-Human
Blood Type:
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hairstyle: Straight, with fringe. Preferable wears it in a ponytail.
Skin Tone: Tanned
Makeup: Waterproof mascara
Body Type: Mesomorph
Build: Muscular
Birthmarks/scars: Freckles on cheeks and nose, small scars over her body from being in fights.

Family: Beatriz B. da Costa, Tora Olafsdotter
Parenting: Beatriz is a combination of fun and strict, while Tora is softer and more responsible.

Health: She’s in excellent health.
Energy: Her stamina is at its peak for a human of her size and age that performs extreme sports and strict training.
Memory: She’s got a great memory that has saved her countless of times during tests at school.
Senses: Her hearing is a little off due to being too close to an explosion, but overall her senses are normal.
Allergies: She’s allergic to cats, kiwis,
Handicaps: None
Medication: anti Allergy medication during summer.
Phobias: She’s afraid of spiders, and needles.
Addictions: Junk food.

Current Residence: da Costa mansion, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Friends: Gwen Park, Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson, Wally West, Roy Harper, Kaldur, Megan Moorse, Connor Kent.
Enemies: Injustice League, the Light.
Bosses: Fire, Batman.

Heroes: Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Tora Olafsdotter.
Rivals: Brady Copper, a fellow surfer who she has yet to beat.
Pets/Familiars: Dipstick, her pet turtle.

Lovers: Crush on Roy Harper.
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: Not active yet.

Hobbies/Interests: Extreme sports.
Skills/Talents: She has a talent for science, and math, but doesn’t like the subjects at all. Which is why her grades aren’t exceptionally good. Her skills with sports excel compared to most, but even Ashley has quite a few miles to go before she’s the best.
Likes: Sports, junk food, hoodies, beaches, and the sound of rain against her window.
Dislikes: Rules, school, sodas (she doesn’t like the carbon dioxide in it), potatoes, small places, sitting still.

Sense of Humor: dry/witty/sarcastic/ childish
Dreams/Nightmares: She usually dreams about travelling the world, and performing sports.
Quirks: Draws while on the phone, never leaves home without her Ipod, bites lips.
Savvy: Sports.
Can't understand: Literature, or people who like to read.
Closet Hobby: She likes to dress up.
Guilty Pleasure: Bad movies.

Pyrokinesis: Ashley has the ability to create and control fire by will, and mentally control the ambient heat energy within her immediate environment. She can reduce objects' temperatures, raise them to several hundred degrees, or extinguish open flames. The heat energy she takes from the environment is absorbed into her own body.

Fire Breath: Ashley can project her fire from her mouth by breathing and exhaling at will, like a dragon. (She enjoys this part of her power the most)

Flight: Ashley is able to manipulate hydron atoms to produce a hot cloud provides sufficient positive buoyancy for her to float. With mental stimulation of her flame, she can provide enough lift to propel her body.

Energy Resistance: Ashley is unaffected by heat and flames, including her own, even when part of her is aflame and the rest of her is not.

Spontaneous Combustion: She frequently shows her ability to spontaneously combust and/or engulf any portion of herself with fiery plamsa. (Mostly her hair when she feels nervous, scared, angered or upset) When her emotions are directed at something or someone else, the spontaneous combustion most likely will happen near of to that object or person. It's not uncommon for her to set objects ablaze.

Origin: Meta-gene.

Infancy: ([0-2] Nurtured lovingly by her biological parents.
Childhood: ([3-12] Lost her parents at 3, and was almost immediately adopted by Beatriz, and had a fairly normal childhood, except for the learning of her pyrokinesis. She was overly fond of sports and performed skillfully in almost every single one. She grew to love surfing, skating, and basketball the most, and began enlisting in competitive contests.
Adolescence: [13-17] Began her career as a superhero at the age of 13 as the protégé of Fire. She was trained in martial arts, and espionage. She struggled with school, hero duties and her love for sports. At the age of 15 she became part of the Team.
Adulthood: ([18+] SPOILERS

Favorite Colors: Green, blue
Favorite Animals: Dog
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Griffon
Favorite Places: Australia,
Favorite Landmarks: Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Giza Pyramid and the Great Sphinx near Cairo, Egypt.
Favorite Flavors: Vanilla.
Favorite Foods: Junkfood, and sweets.
Favorite Drinks: fruity drinks.
Favorite Characters: Strong females.
Favorite Genre: Comedy, action.

Languages: Fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish. Understands and can speak some German, Dutch, and Italian.
Accent: American.
Voice: low pitched

Greetings and Farewells: “Hi”, “Tchau”
State of Mind: “I’m doin’ great.”
Compliment: “Did I ever tell you that you’re awesome? ‘Cause you’re freakin’ awesome!”
Insult: “ You smell like a toilet.”
Expletive: “Shit!”
Signature Quote: “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.”

One Word: Spontaneous.

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