G.O.G. Kong Picture

First Appearance: 33 BG


-Primal Conduit: Kong, like all the Primal gods, is an ancient beast with the ability to bear and wield the supremely powerful Primal Stones. Without them, he is only a fraction of his size and power.

-Mega Strength: Kong's muscle is no joke, able to overpower monsters twice his size with the appropriate effort. This strength is not everlasting, but a sucker punch from him can knock even the largest Destroyer off their feet. However, he is not terribly well-protected, and places himself in danger of injury every time he fights.

-Intelligence: Kong's mind is sharp, believed to operate in a range between beast and man.

-Primal Stone of Lightning: Kong's greatest weapon is the last Primal Stone, containing the power of lightning. This enhances his attacks manyfold, allowing him to stun enemies, paralyze them, and even to an extent read their movements via their nerve synapses. This stone is lodged in his chest and seems impossible to remove, and those who try usually pay dearly.

EDF Type: Defender

EDF Description: Subject known as Kong deemed at worst an indirect enemy. Subject bears deep care for well-being of planet and will battle any source that appears. Location unknown, but in case of appearance G-level alert protocols are mandatory. Subject is a fighter and does not know how to quit.

-"My grandmother told me a lot of stories about Kong, but despite her best efforts to figure out what the dead ape that attacked New York was after, she could never say. De la Porta, however, he knew. In the discovery of the stone, that expedition to Kong's island, the awakening, he knew. He always knew And ever since its been the wildest ride of my life."

-Dr. Jason Jenkins


Bet this one's a surprise.
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