TANSMSE Season 1 DVD Cover Picture

This DVD cover is for the first season of "The All-New Super Mario Super Extravaganza!", my personal idea for a 21st-century animated television series based on Nintendo's "Super Mario" video game franchise. It seems that by now, I've completed the show's cast (what characters should appear in the series over the course of its run), and I've also finalized the show's art style, and the designs of the characters.

You may be wondering about the presence of characters that I haven't previously revealed on this cover. Well, let me explain:
* Wart appears on the cover - He, along with his "8-Bits," are intended to appear in the show as minor villains. The third episode has Wart's army attack the Mushroom Castle, and Mario later travels to Subcon to save its fairy monarch, Queen Wanda (who resembles, but is unrelated to, the same-named fairy character from "Mario and Wario" and "Wario's Woods"), and her spriteling subjects, while confronting Wart, his generals, and their troops (with several Mushroom Retainers at his side toting around weapons, gadgets, etc. for him to use against the 8-Bits).

* Rosalina makes sporadic appearances on the show, and is portrayed in roles varying from story to story, ranging from a friend and companion of Peach, Daisy, and the OC princess characters, to a goddess of the entire universe. During the first season, she is only seen in her "goddess" role (which, of the roles she possesses on "TANSMSE", most closely resembles her original portrayal); but her other roles come into play as the show goes on. Unlike Peach and possibly Daisy, her redesign does not have drastic differences from her appearance in games.

* The Yoshi species also makes appearances on the show, and these dinosaurs are portrayed as legitimate characters with more human characteristics than ever. They're given speech capabilities and voices that are less annoying than those with which they have been portrayed since "Yoshi's Story." And some Yoshis even function as mounts, as they do in the platform games!

* And that light-blue monster you're seeing here? That's supposed to be the "Crystal King," an OC villain unrelated to the same-named monster from "Paper Mario 64." Like the baddie he shares his name with, this Crystal King lives in a mysterious palace in a far northern region of the Mushroom World (the "Shiver Region", likely a conversion of the same-named place from "Paper Mario 64"), and the two even share some similarities in their appearances. But this Crystal King, unlike the original one, actually causes chaos for the inhabitants of the region he resides in; when he does so, Mario learns of it and must endure wintry ice and snow, and the king's traps and subordinates, to save the arctic creatures that inhabit that realm.

* The fairy seen at the top of the cover is the Sprixie Queen, my leader for a species of fairy that debuted in "Super Mario 3D World." She has numerous princesses that, just like the Mushroom Retainers, come in tons of different colors. In the Sprixie Princesses' case, their colors are red, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, chartreuse, aquamarine, cyan, light blue, blue, indigo, lavender, violet, fuchsia, and pink. You may notice that green isn't in that list because the Sprixie Queen, herself, takes the green color scheme. And their role? The Sprixies appear as damsels in distress at some point in the show's run, and are captured not by Bowser but by an expert fairy-catcher named Telwisteg (a play on "Tylwyth Teg", the most usual term in Wales for the mythological creatures corresponding to the Irish Sidhe, comparable to the fairies of English and continental folklore).

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The "Super Mario" series and all related characters and elements are copyright © 1985-2013 Nintendo.

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