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I've been myself in psychiatric custody, on both in - and outpatient basis, voluntarily and not so voluntarily for a decade, and one can definitely say it's where I've spent most of my sentient years. I received most of my education there. It was however only when I turned 17 that I was finally diagnosed. You'd think you can be yourself; not having to always be nice and that the people working in these places can deal with the despair, defeat and desperation that follows mental illness. This is not the case. One must be very, very strong and resourceful to survive in the system. If you allow yourself one second's weakness, bad habits and a defeatist attitude inevitably follows.

On that note I'm cautious not to vilify, mythologize or portray psychiatric facilities as hellholes, for both personal and objective reasons. The ward where I spent many years is after all the only place I've ever fit in, felt safe and connected with people as an equal. People there even turned to me for advice; me; the most untouchable kid in class. This is not a good thing, I know, because whatever I do or wherever I am I always feel that there's an invisible barrier between me and other people.

It feels good to rant about it in a story, though. A story featuring my favorite characters, no less
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