Tree Nymph of Autumn Picture

Full View on this one Please, so you can see the skirt of her dress and the tree much more clearly.
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NYMPHS: Frolicsome Female Nature Spirits
These are beautiful young ladies who inhabit trees, rivers, fields and other pastoral places.

As guardians of nature, they protect the ecology of the countryside. And let's face it, GAIA needs all the help she can get. But they still find time to frolic.

Although, like angels, they are spiritual beings somewhat below Godly status, the NYMPHS are not immortal. They just live for a very long time. A Tree Nymph lives as long as her tree, and a River Nymph likewise.

Although some are the daughters of specific Gods, most of the NYMPHS have no easily defined parentage. They mostly seem to be young human ladies who have fallen into rivers or been accidentally slain by passing heroes. The Gods don't like all that beauty going to waste.
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Model: From the wonderful gallery of =lindowyn-stock
Leaf: =Falln-Stock
Textures: *Peace-of-Art [my own stock]
All other my own personal stock

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