WaterTemple Picture


FULLVIEW THAT BASTARD Okay. So. Uh. Yeah. I've been working on this for a while. Say something nice.

I kinda want to rant about these characters... But I don't know! Riley is my newest OC, but he's actually skyrocketed to 1st place amongst my OC's. God, he can be so smug and annoying, but I love him so much. And Calem is a pretty new OC of drawitout's too, but god, he's destroying my brain. He's just so damn cute and his design is to die for. So you know, not shipping them was impossible. I WILL write more about them and their story later, in another picture. But basically, what I love so much about them is that they're quite a complex couple since they both got their share of personal problems and difficulties, but they make it work out beautifully anyway. Soo in the meantime, just look at them loving each other.

Edit: Ship not in use anymore, but they still look pretty!
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