Kaguya Kanda Picture

*not my character, just commissioned*


description of character:

Kaguya Kanda has what is called a dual bloodline thanks to the genetic abnormality known as Tetragametic Chimerism.As such, his is given the bone bloodline (kaguya) from his father so his bones are very dense.

He is given the Hyuugan white eyes from his mother (Hyuuga) which make them a clear white color.

The exception to this is that from his father, he was given a distinct birthmark that manifests in his eyesThis symbol appears in the center of his eyes. Kanda is known to keep his headband over his eyes though in order to hide this symbol so no one sees it.He was born with a condition known as NLP (No light perception). Because of this, he is blind unless he has his Bykagun activated. Also another reason why he keeps his headband over his eyes. He's blind and since the White eyes let him see through everything, he sees no reason to keep them exposed.

Another side note on Kanda is that he has another condition called Congenital Insensitivity to pain. This means he cannot feel heat, cold or pain in general.

Kanda also has a very strict religious view. He believes completely in Odinim (i.e., the entire norse mythology of Odin, loki and thor and etc.) He shows this by drawing runes at certain places and likes to pray before and after battle. He prays specifically to odin most of the time and Loki when he has surpass his own strength.

Kanda also has a demon within his body but he hates it immensely. The demon is the reason he is alive but because of the demon's nature, it is naturally against him. he contains the 3-tailed demon turtleKanda is more of a shark person because of how he fights and moves so naturally his shark personality and demon turtle will conflict alot
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