The Ocean Hunterish II Picture

Bad page. It makes me feel I'm back at the beginning with all this lame simple aquatic creatures... and I also feel like I already made things similar to some of this... I.. don't know. Maybe I'm just tired, I guess I had a bad day and any page would feel bad now.
So, whatever yes, this page has been inspired by the same rail shooter arcade game I told you about. This time most, if not all the creatures are designed as minibosses instead of final bosses.
I'm really sleepy now, so it would be kind of you to tell me about any mistakes of any kind I might have made.

970) Iku-Turso: There was this stage in the artic sea... well, I should have descrived you how each stage of the game was, that would have placed some context of the creatures. You know how the artic is; with ice and ... water? So, there were those ugly jawless fishes and jellyfishes. So this creature is some kind of jellyfish of course.

971) Labbu: I think the octopus in the shipwreck was some in the Mediterranean sea or something. Whatever the case, the was a large sea snake in there. I remember fighting serpent like creatures was fun, you just had to keep shooting at their bodies, but they were all thin and and flexible. Good memories.

972) Aspidochelone: This would be probably in the open sea stage.. I think it was the Atlantic...

973) Hydrarchos: There was a prehistoric themed sea, I think it was the one with the giant worm thing... the type I called Charybdis. In that level there was a basilosaurus miniboss I remember quite well, that was fought as serpent ( keep the crosshair on its ondulating body and shoot, shoot shoot!). So I made a mosasaur-like animal for this one.

974) Bolon Dzacab: I think this one woud be for the amazon river-like level. I think actally it was a "great lake" or something.
So, yea, it would be some kind of electrical eel. You know; BZZZ!! and you are wounded.

975) Yacumama: Again for the Amazon sort of level. A giant archer fish that would shoot deadly water blasts at its enemies. Probably it would be fought in a similar was as the ... the final boss, from the great lake level. In and out of the water.

976) Hydra: There were some minibosses... I think it was in the shipwreck level too, that were a group of moray eels. I'm pretty sure they were different creatures, still you could only see their heads comming out of the holes. I invented som sort of conjoined twins or something to make a creature that would actually look much like a hydra.

977) Gammarus: I think this one would be from the final stage, the one that looks like some sort of Atlantis city, with sunken greek temples and stuff. But I'm too sleepy to make much sense out of that and if you look it up, that name is not even a mythologycal creature, but the name of some specie of lobster or something. The point is, this one is another giant pistol crab, ready to blast you out of the water.

978) Enma: Now I'm thinking that the stage with the shipwreck might have been the Pacific ocean instead... it had coral reefs and stuff if I'm not wrong, and then you've got the giant octopus thing. Whatever the case again, this creature would be in that level, the one with the coral reefs. It is based on cone snail, but instead of using a harpoon like sting, it's stings are something more like darts.
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