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In the year 2029 a team of geneticists, virologists and micro-biologists in London, leaded by an international european and north american team publish a breakthrough. They manipulated viruses, so they can recreate body cells and multiply the life time of any life form.
Thor Skvellsberg a scientist from Sweden suggested to name it "Draugervirus" (also Draugr Virus), after the mythological creatures
of nordic mythology, that come back to life after death (alias nordic zombies).

The virus could indeed help organisms to live longer or even be revived...partly. The test animals behaved rather strange and aggressive.
So the virus was not yet used and forbidden to test on humans. But....there was one scientist, Robert Millway who had a little daughter. She was very ill, had muscle atrophy and lung problems. She would die very soon if nothing happens.
So he secretly smuggled the virus home to test it. He knew the virus was not save and noone tested it ever on humans before. But in his despair
he injected it to the daughter when he visited her at the hospital and hoped that all will be fine again.

This was the worst mistake he could´ve done. The girl was not cured, but mutated to an aggressive creature over night attacking and infecting everyone with her increased power. This was the begin of a huge zombie-like pandemic. Spreading all over Britain then Europe and the rest
of the world. Luckily it was not transferred by air, but only by direct contact with the body fluids or contaminated water.
2030-2033: In the following time the modern civilization collapsed, many camps that were supposed to rescue the people were overrun by these creatures which were called Drauger and not Zombies, and even many safe spots were destroyed by panicked masses of people who wanted to survive. Fights for food, water and shelter and attacks of bandits killed many people additionally.

Only people that defended their safe place aggressively, in remote places like mountains and forests or thick buildings like medieval castles,
shopping malls, scy scrapers or on islands could survive. National armies often helped to create such spots and had to shoot down innocent
refugees to save the survivors, because the risk was too high. 98% of the european population was wiped out.

Suprisingly many people could set up such safe settlements, for example in the Alps, in european castles or even in the scyscrapers of Frankfurt or Paris. They had to find food and supply in the undead infested cities and often tried to escape to the landscape. Highways were used as safe streets to other settlements, but were often interrupted by Drauger hordes. Then they took detours at countryside streets.
But many of these settlements were also contaminated and collapsed, for example when someone was bitten but didn´t tell it to anyone, or when a single Drauger walked into a river where the drinking water of that settlement comes from.
Or bandit gangs that move thru Europe like murderous nomads....

A huge problem were also the nuclear power plants. Many were shut down before the whole civilzation collapsed luckily, but some had a meltdown
and poisoned the area around with high radiation.
2034: The people living in this new world, live like in the 19th century, using some of the remnants of modern technology when they find some that is not broken yet. They tell the new generation's children what happened and how easy life was before Day Z and how to survive these days. They try to get supply from all the cities in Europe and kill as many Drauger as possible. But these creatures can fall into a sleep when they find no food and awake when they sense humans or animals. The known settlements try to hold contact and help each other, trade and do missions together. Rarely they find on remote places single people or groups and rescue them.
The Drauger however sometimes build big hordes and walk thru the regions of Europe, sometimes besieging one of the settlements...and sometimes overrun them. Also wild infected animals are a huge problem, such as dogs. The Drauger however behave very different,
some are fast, some are slow, some see you from far away and some can´t sense u at all. A few even have a tiny percentage of intelligence
and can open doors or climb up ladders slowly.

In Europe noone knows how the rest of the world looks like, but surely not better. Some tried to visit America with a ship, but noone has returned yet to tell what they saw. It seems that Iceland and many parts or Norway had no collapse at all.

The best places to survive in Europe are:

Scandinavia, the Alps, the Auvergne, the Carpathian mountains, islands in the north, baltic and mediterranean sea.
Info text on the left of the picture:

White: Safe settlements
Black: Dead settlements

Settlement network of the surviving peoples
in Europe, after the breakout of the Draugervirus

Picture on the top, of course from the epic series "The Walking Dead"
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