trickster-thief 1 Picture

This is first draft working version of the Joker for my DC Comics portfolio submission that I'll be putting together later this year. My idea is for evrything I do, to be within the bounds of a traditional look, but set in a more real-world sense. His mythology states that he looks this way from falling into chemicals. Therefore whatever he fell into was absolutely heinous, something strong enough to kill all the melanin and pigment in his skin cells and cause him to produce green keratin. His hair, his fingernails, perpetually green. That's a hell fo a thing to happen to someone. But it's not like it made his blood white, so places on his body where blood flows closer to the surface (nose, ears, hands) will be bright red. All soft tissue will stay inflammed, which explains the lips and eyes. I also figured he'd have naturally light pale blue/green eyes, which will look really freaky set against the rest of his eyes which are horridly bloodshot.

Wow, if you didn't think I was dorky before, GODDAMN!
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