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Wow, where to start? Well whenever I found out there was a mythological contest going on, I really wanted to submit something, but had no idea what to do. At first I thought of Hercules and wondered if he did anything with a "mythical" horse, then, in my searching I came across the story of Perseus flying in on Pegasus to save Andromeda from the sea dragon. Cool! Well, the image in my head was just wayyyy too much for me to crank out in one day, so this is my take on the famous Perseus riding Pegasus myth and the painting seen here --> [link] -breathes- Man that was alot of work! Okay here's the little story behind this myth: [link]

oh and Perseus has two legs, the left one is just bent back against Pegasus' side. Same with his left hand, placed on his shoulder for support and stability. = )

now on to the stock.. -wipes brow-

Photomanipulation copyrighted to themarchcat. All rights reserved, 2012!
horse: [link]
perseus: [link] (warning he is naked)
background: [link]
wings: [link] [link]
medusa: [link]
snakes: [link] [link] [link] [link]
helmet: [link]
ab/muscle reference: [link]
everything else is meticulously hand painted.
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3

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