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This was a challenging yet fun story to write hope you all enjoy... something shiny clearly nothing could go wrong right?

BEEP BEEP BEEP! I fall off my bed to the ground with a loud thud! “Ouch!” I swish my tail and manage to reach up and fumble a bit until I finally shut my alarm clock off. “Is it that time already?” I get up onto my paws and walk to the bathroom like a zombie and grab my toothbrush to shine my pearly white canines, I then flick out my red tipped hair and brush my body fur to look all nice and smooth. “There we go one handsome fox” I rub my muzzle all fresh and ready for work. Yes the sun was just setting and it was time for work, I had just landed myself a new job working security overnight at a local museum and so far I loved it, I was really excited today because they had been working on a new exhibit for the last couple months and today it was supposed to finally open.

I headed out of my apartment flying down the steps and swiftly out the door. The museum was not a far walk and it was a beautiful night cool crisp air against my fur, the still warm pavement against my paw pads it felt all so wonderful I almost didn’t want to go to work but bills won’t pay themselves.

I arrive at the museum and check in making sure the place is empty and doing the final lock downs and all other closing duties. “Ok everything looks good now I got to check out that new exhibit, no one will mind if I take an early break right?” With a sly grin on my face I made my way up the escalator until I came to where all the construction was “OMG sweet we have a new Greek mythology section!” I started to wander the exhibit looking at all the ancient artifacts, I was such a history buff, my tail wagged excitedly I was like a kid in a candy store. I perused the entire section until something in the middle caught my attention.

In the middle of the room up on top of a pedestal was a small figurine, it looked like some sort of lizard with multiple heads. I had to find out what it was so I walked up to the panel that held the info on it, it read

“The Hydra:
The Hydra which lived in the swamps near to the ancient city of Lerna in Argolis, was a terrifying monster. The Hydra had the body of a serpent and many heads (the number of heads deviates from five up to one hundred there are many versions but generally nine is accepted as standard), of which one could never be harmed by any weapon, and if any of the other heads were severed another would grow in its place (in some versions two would grow). Its mouth produced deadly venom; its blood was extremely toxic and could kill anyone in seconds just by one drop touching them. When it emerged from the swamp it would attack herds of cattle and local villagers, devouring them with its numerous heads. It totally terrorized the vicinity for many years.” (Source: www.pantheon.org/articles/h/hy…

WOW quite the beast I snickered to myself I certainly would not want to meet you in a dark place; I stood there admiring its brilliant golden shine. My eyes are fixated on it… I can’t seem to look away it seems to call me… I…... I have to touch…... just one touch I say in a hypnotic like voice. I walk over to a panel and swipe my card and type in a passcode to disable the alarms. I shuffle my large paws across the floor hypnotized by the golden statue, I get close enough to reach out with a paw hand and pick it up, and you know how the saying goes curiosity killed the fox or in this case transformed the fox. The small statue began to shake and vibrate violently in my paw and then it suddenly let out a bright flash and sent a huge jolt of energy into my hand!

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