Child of pity,child of shame Picture


"She married. O, most wicked speed, to post
With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!
It is not nor it cannot come to good:
But break, my heart; for I must hold my tongue."

Yeah, there's a reason this little girl's got green eyes, horseshoe spots and two-toned fur. Meet Danae, daughter of Lucky and Two-Tone.

"But Kiara! I thought you didn't support LuckyxTwo-Tone!"

Well you're right; I don't.

However, due to some....written experimentation during a venting period I started to wonder....if Lucky and Two-Tone, two siblings of very different personalities, HAD would it affect their children?

So, keeping in mind what I knew of Lucky and Two-Tone's characters, as well as the research I'd done regarding canine incest, I came up with this little gal, and a story to boot.

I warn you though; this ain't no fairy tale! What we have here is a dark, depressing tale that I personally feel would make the ol' master of tragedy (if you don't know who that is, shame on you) proud.

Named after Perseus' mother, who was cast out of her kingdom by her father in Greek mythology, Danae is one of six pups born to Two-Tone and suffers the consequences from inbreeding: she was born with three legs, horribly altered two-toned fur and a very short temper. In fact, she's bordering on bi-polar.

And she'd hate her parents for mating because they were siblings.

Lucky and Two-Tone would hate each other too--they'd mate only because they had no choice. They got trapped together (why I'm still working out) and their hormones kicked in/mating instincts took over and with no other option they mated. They thought in the heat of things that they loved each other but that changed; they realized what tehy did, and swore to tell no one. But when Two-Tone's pups were born (all resembling her AND Lucky) they couldn't keep it a secret anymore.

The other five LuckyTone pups terrorized pups and like I said, had to be put down. Neither Lucky or Two-Tone ever really loved their children, since they came from a mistake, and Two-Tone was so upset she took off and left the farm.

Which is THEN when she met Buster. And he slowly healed her heart. Provided I even put Buster in the story. I doubt it, since it'd focus on Danae, but it's nice to think Two-Tone finds a happy ending.

As for Danae, while she retained her sanity (albeit a short temper) no one accepted her; not her father, grandparents and she had very little friends. If it weren't for her aunt and uncle (Cadpig and Tripod) taking pity on her, she probably would've tried to run away herself. Cadpig recognizes that this mess her parents got into wasn't her fault, and is actually the one to name her--because really, can you picture Lucky and Two-Tone naming their kids after Greek legends? Do they even KNOW any mythology? Tripod, too, sympathizes her disability, and together, he and Cadpig convince Lucky to raise Danae until she is old enough to take care of herself.

When she was old enough to leave the farm, she did. On the farm, everyone associated her with her parents' mistakes--all she wanted was a new life, new faces....a place where she could just be "Danae." Not a child of pity, or of shame.

Ah, and she also wears a red collar because unlike her mother, her father didn't abandon her; Two-Tone leaving really hurt Danae, and doesn't want to be associated with her in ANY way because of it. This includes collar color.

I LOOOVE this little gal <3 she's so cute and sad, poor thing!

Oh, but if you're thick enough to believe this is done purely to spite LuckTone fans and flame them you are DEAD WRONG. I'm a writer. I wanted to write an interesting but sad story. So I did. THAT. IS. ALL.

....and sorry 'bout the obnoxious blue watermark....but, you know, gotta be careful 'round these parts.

Danae (c) Me

101 Dalmatians (c) Disney
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